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Advanced Project Management Functionality

  • Cross-Project Dependencies

    Set dependencies between tasks across multiple projects to get automated timeline updates. Know when to get started on every task and ensure that everyone on the team understands what outputs need to be completed before the next task or project can be started.

  • Critical Path

    Get a visual representation of your project’s critical path using Gantt Сhart. It gives you an accurate sense of the timeline to be expected and also highlights dependencies that will prove to be critical throughout your project.

Gantt Chart Capabilities

Accurate Resource Planning and Management

Resource Loading Simulation

Simplify project resource capacity planning by:

  • Accurately checking resource availability for future work
  • Organizing a project team based on their skills and availability
  • Identifying potential bottlenecks and conflicts with existing projects
  • Finding the earliest date to start a project based on required skills
  • Browsing through multiple scenarios (timeline and people) to choose the best candidate

Advanced Workload Allocation

  • Daily hours override

    Specify the amount of time a user needs to work on the task each day.

  • Automated Back/Front Load

    Introduce intelligent workload distribution at the end or the beginning of a task, thus eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving the project manager’s time.

Flexible Billing Options

Birdview PSA supports both Fixed Cost and Time & Material billing models, enabling you to charge your clients using various billing options:

  • Rate cards by role, specialist, project, customer
  • Project rate (flat fee or hourly)
  • Activity rate (flat fee or hourly)
  • Resource (employee) rate
  • Customer rate

Real-Time Financial Management

Time Log Approvals & Lockdown

Effectively manage time and ensure accurate tracking of project hours. Improve accuracy and accountability, and streamline invoicing and payroll processes.

  • Review and approve time logs entered by team members before they are invoiced or processed for payroll.
  • Lock down time logs for a specific period, preventing any further changes or edits to the logs during that period.

Payroll Report

Get an overview of your employee hours, time utilization, and payroll data. Payroll report helps:

  • Accounting teams track and monitor employee hours to ensure payroll accuracy
  • Project managers identify areas where employees are spending too much or too little time, and adjust accordingly

In-Depth BI Reporting and AI Forecasting

Business Intelligence

  • Generate 250+ custom reports for large and complex projects
  • View and manage your team’s workload
  • Gain valuable insights into projects’ progress and performance

Project Dashboard

  • Monitor the most important KPIs in real-time
  • Include and view only relevant information
  • Share results with teams and stakeholders
  • Use built-in widgets and reports to create custom dashboards

AI Forecasting

  • Analyze multiple project variables with built-in AI/ML algorithms
  • Predict when the project it’s most likely to be completed
  • Avoid project delays and manage the downtime
Birdview PSA integration solutions cover

Advanced Integrations

  • API/Webhooks Integrations

    Birdview PSA’ API enables you to connect with thousands of other platforms or applications to facilitate streamlined business processes and data continuity across the entire lifecycle of your projects

  • 200+ Workato Integrations

    For situations where “no code” integrations are either mandatory or preferred, Workato offers an excellent means of integrating with hundreds of popular applications to further enhance and automate processes within Birdview PSA.

Enterprise-Grade Security
and Compliance to Rely On

  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Permissions

Birdview PSA security is powered by Microsoft Azure cloud complying with numerous cloud service provider certifications and attestations such as :

  • ISO 27007
  • SOC 1 / SOC 2 / SOC 3
  • FedRAMP
  • UK G-Cloud

Any data in transit between user devices and Birdview PSA’ data centers is encrypted with industry-standard encrypted transport protocols SSL/HTTPS.

  • Data in transit

    For data in transit, Birdview PSA uses industry-standard encrypted TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 transport protocols.

  • Data at rest

    For data at rest, we offer real-time encryption with 256-bit AES of the database, associated backups, and transaction log files.

  • Encrypted Backups

    Continuous 30-day snapshot backups are automatically created for all hosted accounts. All backups are geo-redundant and encrypted. Access to backups is available to the customers with a Private Cloud option.

  • Enhanced Password Policies

    Password strength and expiration policies, encrypted traffic, user-lockout, user audit logs, encrypted backups, and more.

Control what users can access certain information and decide what data to share using role-based access and permission management. Set up restrictions for each project, portfolio, and user. Get complete audit details of user record data with User Audit Reports.

  • 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

    Users will need to go through 2 rounds of authentication to log in, thus ensuring better data protection.

  • SSO (Single Sign-on)

    SAML SSO allows Birdview users to seamlessly authenticate using an existing SAML provider (hosted or on-premise), including Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

  • Encryption in project management security image

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