Task Organizer Software

Are you looking to organize and manage your project tasks online?

Easy Projects is an online project management software which allows you to organize and track all of your tasks. This task organizer can be used to manage your every-day activities as well as long-term project plans.

Each user in Easy Projects gets their own unique My Assignments page where they can list, sort and organize all of their tasks. Here they can view tasks my due date or priority, provide automatic status updates and track progress all without ever having to leave the page.

Once a task is finished, just click the “I’m Done” button to automatically update its status and move onto the next one. This personal task organizer will always help you be pro-active and on top of everything that’s happening.

You can try the My Assignments page and other features of Easy Projects .NET free for 15 days and see for yourself how easy task organizing can be.

Manage Projects Efficiently

Easy Projects software helps you be an effective project manager with tools such as an interactive Gantt chart, Dashboard, Resource Loading reports, Portfolios and more. You can also import and export your projects to and from MS Project, which means you can still use it along side Easy Projects.

Improve Team Collaboration

Every project manager needs collaboration software for his team, and Easy Projects delivers just that. You and your project team can participate in discussions through built-in project message boards, upload and share files, as well as receive up to date progress updates via customizable e-mail notifications.

Track & Bill Every Minute

As a project manager, you know how important time is. Tracking and logging time with Easy Projects, is just that… easy. You can estimate hours for each of your tasks, and your project team can track actual hours they spent on them using tools such as weekly time logs or the built-in timer.

Create Actionable Reports

Easy Projects gives each project manager their own Custom Report Generator which allows you to compile and save as many reports as you need. There are also a number of pre-made reports available to you right out of the boxes such as Resource Loading, Portfolio, Milestone, Customer Rep and more.

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