Project Resource Management

Streamline your Resource Management Process

Optimize project resource management and planning to keep your team's workload balanced and improve your project resource allocation and billable utilization.

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Create a Detailed Resource Plan

Use the Resource Planning Center to check your resource availability. Know if you have enough people to take on new tasks.

Estimate and Allocate Resources

Identify and fix project team underloading to make the most of your resources and increase billable resource utilization.

Build and Manage a Team

Balance your team’s workload to decrease employees’ stress, maximize your workforce capacity, and ensure on-time project delivery.

Leverage the Power of Resource Planning Center

Quickly estimate every project’s needs and keep control of resource utilization with the Interactive Resource Planning Centre.

Find Right Resources
for the Right Work, Always

  • A resource capacity planning screen
  • Project resource visibility image
  • A time management screen

Project Resource Demand Forecasting

Forecast your future resource demand and compare it against its current availability to know whether you have enough resources to fulfill your needs ahead of time.

  • Create actionable strategies to foresee resource shortage
  • Adjust project timelines as required
  • Provide training well in advance for existing employees or hire additional staff members
  • Prioritize more valuable and important projects
  • Reallocate resources

Align Resources with Your Project Needs

A time allocation illustration

Adjust Timelines with One Click

Get a clear vision of an entire project schedule to accommodate any changes made within your project workflow.

Change your resource allocation as required to ensure on-time project delivery.

A calendar tool in resource management software

Get Visibility into Schedules

Enable advanced project resource planning. Track your team’s vacations and time off to identify its availability for future work.

Use My Vacations Сalendar to add, edit, view various types of days off.

Forecast and Make Informed Decisions with Business Intelligence

  • A resource demand graph
  • A team’s workload graph
  • A project resource capacity planning screen
  • A time management screen
  • An overloaded project resources graph

More Resource Planning Tools

Time & Costs Tracking

Submit and approve hours in the most convenient way. Provide your accounting department with relevant data on expenses for accurate client billing and staff payments

Team Collaboration

Keep everyone in the loop to ensure your team’s best performance. Share project’s progress and details, provide feedback and approve results all in one place.

Swift Approval Process

Review and approve work using our project management tool via your mobile devices or directly in your inbox.

Resource Dashboards

Use customizable dashboards to gain full visibility into your resources. Control your team’s current workload and optimize resource utilization based on your project needs.

2000+ Integrations

No need to switch between the tools or give up your favorite solutions. Connect with Gmail, Jira, Salesforce, Slack, Outlook, HubSpot, and much, much more.

Roles & Permissions

Set custom roles to decide who can access specific projects and customer’s data. Set data access restrictions at user, project, and portfolio levels.

Build up Project Success with Optimized Resources

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