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Live WebinarManaging Customers and Client Projects in Birdview PSA


What Can I Expect from This Webinar?

At this live webinar, we want to show you how Birdview PSA can help you maintain and expand your relationships with clients.

You will learn:

  • How Birdview can help you meet the ever-growing needs of the existing customers
  • How to simplify your customer management using Birdview’s integrations with Jira, Quickbooks, and etc.
  • How to get valuable and insightful data on your projects using Power BI reports

We Will Share How Birdview PSA Helped Us Achieve:

increase in visibility and profitability
increase in efficiency
decrease in time needed for client onboarding

Meet Our Speakers

Get first-hand experience from Birdview PSA’s brightest team members on how you can use Birdview PSA to manage your current client projects and expand your relationships

Cassandra McBride

VP of Customer Success

Iryna Mukha

Product Manager

Fabian Mascarenhas

Implementation Project Lead

Kavya Kumar

Customer Success Manager

Strengthen Your Customer Relationships with Birdview PSA

Wednesday, March 22 / 11 AM - 12 PM EST