Automate Your Business Process

  • Business Development
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Project Accounting
  • Portfolio Optimization
Prospect Identify Opportunity Gather Requirements Estimate Time And Cost Create Tentative Schedule And Allocate Team Prepare Proposal Close Deal Review Resource Capacity Newly qualified opportunities automatically trigger a project to be created in Easy Projects. CRM Project Manager Sales Team Sales Team
Create Budget Create Project Schedule / WBS Capture Baseline Resource Management Project Manager Project Manager Allocate Team Team allocation is enhanced by the ability to see the current and expected utilization for all team members. This ensures optimization of billable hours, while maintaining balanced workloads Project Plan People Budget Schedule The project plan houses important project details such as the scope, financials, timelines and resources.
Collaborate With Teammates Update Progress Work On Assignments Deliver Milestones Client Portal Submit Issues Submit Change Requests Review Submissions Project Plan People Budget Schedule Delivery Team Project Manager Client Stakeholders and clients can track the progress of the project, for all team members. This ensures submit requests and review items requiring approval without the need for a paid license.
Track Time Deliver Milestones Track Labor And Non-labor Expenses Work On Assignments Update Progress Client Portal Monitor Schedule And Financial Metrics Provide Customer With Progress And Status Updates Review Status Report Monitor Project Progress Delivery Team Project Manager Client Project KPIs progress scheduling and financial metrics are captured in powerful business intelligence reports that provide clarity on the performance of any project.
Track Payments Approve Timesheets And Expenses Prepare Data For Invoicing Bill Client Financial system / ERP Track Time Deliver Milestones Work on Assignments Track Labor And And Non-labor Expenses Approve Results Client Portal Project Manager Delivery Team Accounting Team Accounting Team Client Invoicing data is automatically pushed to your Financial system or ERP of choice, streamlining the client billing process.
Portfolio Management Determine And Adopt Best Practices Learned Assess And Analyze Portfolio Performance Portfolio A Portfolio B Portfolio C Project A3 Status Update Project B3 Status Update Project C3 Status Update Project A2 Status Update Project B2 Status Update Project C2 Status Update Project A1 Status Update Project B1 Status Update Project C1 Status Update Portfolio Manager Portfolio Manager Project Management Office Portfolio Manager Metrics and data from individual projects are combined into portfolios to enable analysis and continuous improvement across all portfolios.