Birdview PSA as
Smartsheet Alternative

Thinking of using Smartsheet?
Feeling Like You Have Outgrown Smartsheet?

Organizations using Smartsheet frequently find that they have outgrown the product sooner than expected. Here are some of the most popular reasons why companies choose Birdview PSA over Smartsheet:

More Powerful Resource Planning and Utilization

Task and resource management need to go hand-to-hand. With robust resource planning, utilization and forecasting, Birdview PSA makes sure you have complete visibility into your team’s workload. Review your team’s workload and capacity by project, portfolio or skill set.

Flexible Time Tracking

Require simpler and more flexible methods to track time spent on tasks?

Birdview PSA accommodates various time tracking options suitable for different work styles and environments:

  • Weekly timesheets
  • Quick time entry from My Assignments view
  • Time Tracking from mobile apps
  • Stopwatch timer
  • Time recording on behalf of resources without login

Built-in Reports, Dashboards and Business Intelligence

Did you expect comprehensive reporting would come standard?
Birdview PSA users have it.

Birdview PSA includes a number of pre-built useful reports including:

  • Project Summary
  • Detailed Timesheets
  • Billing Report
  • Delayed Tasks
  • Payroll Report

Plus, you can build your own report templates.

Built-in BI Dashboards allows management and executives to easily visualize and analyze all your project data.

Flexibility Through Custom Forms

Wish you could easily expand your projects data collection? Custom fields allow you customize Birdview PSA to your needs by capturing any kind of data relevant to your projects, tasks, issues, expenses and time.

Birdview PSA Custom Forms let you fully automate work requests and project intake process.

Flexible Deployment

What if the public cloud is not an option for you? We got you covered!

Birdview PSA is one of the only Enterprise Project Management Vendors that in addition to the Cloud hosting has the flexibility to deploy on your terms: your network (on-premise) or within your private cloud.

In-house servers security image

Best in Class Onboarding and Technical Support

  • 3-6 week implementation
  • Personal product manager
  • Complete data migration
  • Personalized training program
  • Business workflow design
  • Industry best practices applied
  • Custom instance setup
  • Integration with your existing solutions
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