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When spreadsheets hit the fan

A podcast for leaders in fast-growing professional services organizations or teams

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Recent Episodes

  • Hector Giner
    Getting Out of the Output Trap: A 4-Step Action Plan to Outcome-Based Thinking
    35:35 | Episode 15 | May 18, 2023
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  • Ashleigh Clark
    Dangers of Adopting Software without a Proper Implementation Strategy
    22:13 | Episode 14 | April 12, 2023
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  • Erika Brown
    Success Story: How Hatch LTK Implemented Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects)
    6:37 | Episode 13 | March 27, 2023
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  • Izabela Nanushi
    Innovation 101: How to Foster Right Changes in Your Organization
    42:42 | Episode 12 | February 22, 2023
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  • Stefanie Curtis
    The Danger of Trying to Do Everything In-House: Why Businesses Need Experts
    30:14 | Episode 11 | December 15, 2022
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  • Kathy Carrillo
    Ensuring Your Project’s Success: Best Techniques Shared by a PMO Professional
    27:58 | Episode 10 | November 28, 2022
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