Project time tracking software

Enhance your team’s efficiency with robust project time tracking functionality designed for accuracy and flexibility in billing and project management.

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Enhance time tracking accuracy

Gain insights into how efficiently your team utilizes their work hours, enabling you to enhance productivity and ensure accurate billing.

Streamline time entries

When you depend on your team members to enter their information in a timely and accurate manner, time tracking should be only as accurate as your team.

With Birdview, each employee chooses the most convenient time tracking method: single entry, weekly submissions, or a built-in timer with a stopwatch functionality.

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Track time from anywhere

Stay on track with our built-in project time tracker, accessible from any part of Birdview—be it the "My Assignments" page, activity details, the platform header, or directly within your browser tab. Additionally, you can seamlessly track your time through our mobile app, no matter where you are.

Lock and approve time logs

Available only for: Professional Services

Take control of time entries within Birdview to maintain their integrity and accuracy.

  • Restrict time entry edits and additions within set time frames with the “Time logs locking” functionality.
  • Use “Time logs approvals” to review and approve recorded time entries and prevent further changes or modifications (available exclusively for Birdview Professional Services)
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Optimize billable hours

Available only for: Professional Services
  • Mark time as 'billable' or 'non-billable' based on its allocation to client projects or internal tasks.
  • Ensure the recorded time corresponds to client projects, tasks, or other designated activities for precise billing and payroll.
  • Gain valuable insights from your team's billable and non-billable time reports.
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Advanced time reporting

With a well-maintained time tracking software, you will realize immense efficiency gains as you reduce redundant activities and direct energy as needed.

Once you have your time logs submitted, you can immediately put this data to action, by running a variety of essential reports e.g. The Timesheets report for a detailed breakdown, or the Payroll Report for calculating employee wages.

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