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Resource management

Are you struggling with visibility into your projects and resources?

With Birdview PSA you gain a crystal clear perspective on their projects, resources, and finances. The platform allows you to track project progress, resource allocation, financial data, and time management metrics, all from a centralized hub.

As a result, decision-makers are better equipped to anticipate needs, identify potential bottlenecks, and make informed strategic and tactical decisions.

The outcome? Improved efficiency, streamlined operations, and a significant boost in profitability.

“Thanks to Birdview PSA, the entire PepsiCo R&D department, including the head and team leaders, is pulling data from one source. As a result, the resource management process is streamlined, while visibility and access to information have caused a cultural shift.

Resource scheduling

Having trouble allocating resources profitably across multiple projects?

With our resource management software you can streamline your resource allocation and scheduling with ease. Birdview PSA's AI-powered algorithm finds the best match for project job roles taking into consideration resource availability, required skills and cost, ensuring every project has the optimal team behind it.

This leads to better project outcomes, higher profitability, improved team satisfaction, and happier clients.

“With Birdview PSA, Hatch LTK achieved the main objectives originally set out. The team improved its resource management and utilization, project management, and business intelligence reporting. Birdview allowed the company to save approximately $300K per year.

Resource capacity planning

Do you want to take on new projects with confidence?

Birdview PSA’s advanced forecasting and resource allocation, and resource capacity planning features allow you to anticipate future demand accurately. With this powerful tool, you can ensure you have the right people with the right skills ready when they are needed.

Moreover, our AI-driven team builder will help you assign the best resources to each project and task, maximizing efficiency and profitability. This way, you avoid over-hiring and bench time, reducing costs and enabling faster growth.

“С-P Systems estimated that their capacity increased by 10% thanks to better resource management and utilization. Birdview PSA resource management software allows keeping a more even workload and quickly diverting resources to projects that need attention”

Do you want to Grow Faster
and More Profitable?

AI-Powered Resource and Project Management

Experience the transformative power of Birdview’s AI Assistant. Thanks to its proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms, Birdview can predict the project completion time, streamline interactions, and automate project template creation.

Witness a surge in productivity, smoother operations, and reduced project overheads with Birdview AI Assistant.

Intelligent Resource Planning

Outpace your competition with Birdview’s full suite of project and resource management capabilities: from strategic resource planning and allocation to tactical workload management. The AI-based Team Builder will automatically match project job roles with individuals who possess the right skills and are currently available.

Boost efficiency, and increase profit margins with Birdview PSA Resource Planning.

Business Intelligence

Empower your management team with Birdview PSA's integrated Business Intelligence engine, boasting over 250 pre-configured dashboards and reports. This all-encompassing analytical suite delivers instant insights into resources, projects, finances, time tracking, and forecasting.

With real-time, actionable data at your fingertips, you'll make more informed decisions, drive operational efficiency, and ultimately, elevate your business performance.

37% Increase in productivity

We use a lot of (BI) data for external customers on the fly

“Visibility and access to information have caused a cultural shift. We use a lot of (BI) data for external customers on the fly – It provides a tremendous amount of help.”

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Journal Cominiateion Inc logo
Journal Cominiateion Inc logo

We can lead the entire cross disciplinary process

“Almost 100 salaried hours and 39 days were trimmed from the schedule using Birdview PSA project and resource management software to document and lead the entire cross disciplinary process.”

Susanna Baxter Product Designer
30% Decrease in project duration
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The duration of our projects has decreased by 30%

“The most dramatic improvement has been that the duration of our high volume projects has decreased by 30% since we started using Birdview PSA.”

William Tucker Director of Technical Services
Justin Smith
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We’re able to adhere
to the deadlines

“Projects have definitely become easier to manage and they're a lot more accurate in as far as adherence to our project timelines. Our clients are more satisfied, we’re able to adhere to the deadlines that have been set a lot better.”

Justin Smith Project Manager
60% Increased productivity

We’ve increased our productivity by 60%

“We are comprised of multiple companies, so being able to collect data from multiple systems and to house it into one system where everyone can see it is extremely valuable. We’ve increased our productivity by 60%.”

Eric Baker Sr. Manager Service Delivery
99% More productive since using Birdview PSA
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We’re 99% more productive since using Birdview PSA!

“We’ve completed twice as much work in the same amount of time compared to the previous year. We’re 99% more productive since using Birdview PSA!

Stacie Hayes Community and Project Integration Manager

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Existing Tools

Connect Birdview PSA with your favorite tools (Salesforce, Hubspot, MS Dynamics, QuickBooks, JIRA, etc.) to streamline your business processes.

Help your team focus more on project delivery rather than data collecting and processing. Prevent human errors by automating repetitive tasks.

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Experts and Users Agree: Birdview PSA is The Best in Class

Award winning Award winning Award winning

Industry-leading Onboarding, Implementation, and Support

  • Setup tailored to your business processes
  • Personalized training program
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customized reports and dashboards
  • Existing data migration
  • Integration with your existing tools

“... I highly recommend the implementation “Path to Success” Program. With everything else we had going on, Birdview PSA Success Coach made getting started much easier.“

Laura Goldstein, Marketing Director
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