Track your projects’
budgets and costs

Quickly set up your budget and track it against actual costs in real-time. Leverage advanced financial planning using such metrics as Cost variance, Work in progress, Estimated budget profitability, Upfront billing utilization, and more.

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Streamline expense management

Get valuable insights into your time and money spent to improve your planning and resource management workflows.

Track costs and expenses

With our project budget management software, you can easily track and compare both planned and actual expenses to build your projected budget and estimate all internal costs.

  • Convert planned expenses into actual ones
  • Add and manage actual expenses in the iOS app
  • Mark expenses as “billable” and “billed” when they are charged to a client or has been invoiced, respectively
  • Record time tracked by employees against clients, projects, and tasks as billable or non-billable
  • Input a negative value for all types of expenses
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Birdview  rate cards

Leverage flexible billing

Available only for: Professional Services

Birdview supports both Fixed Cost and Time & Material billing models, enabling you to charge your clients using various billing options:

  • Rate cards by role, specialist, project, customer
  • Project rate (flat fee or hourly)
  • Activity rate (flat fee or hourly)
  • Resource (employee) rate
  • Customer rate

Invoice faster

Available only for: Professional Services

Streamline and shorten the delivery-to-cash timeline. Getting paid faster ensures that your team, contractors, and vendors are paid on time and it allows you to invest the cash back into the business to scale and grow faster.

With Integration between Birdview and Accounting and ERP platforms of your choice (e.g. QuickBooks, NetSuite, Deltek, Microsoft Dynamics, etc ), the entire invoicing process runs smoother, takes less time, and helps you eliminate manual errors and speeds up the approval process.

Planned and actual payments can also be tracked within Birdview.

Birdview integration solutions

Always stay on-time and on-budget

Track financial health across all projects and make smart decisions powered by relevant up-to-date data using the Birdview robust project budgeting software.

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  • Birdview project risk management tool screen
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the confidence you deserve

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