Project Management Reporting Tools

Get real-time insights into your processes

Quickly generate project summaries, activities, billing, time, and resource data with our report generator and other reporting tools purpose-built for project management teams.

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Leverage project reports to view your organization's performance at all levels

Visualize, analyze, and interpret data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. Monitor performance and gain insights across projects, teams, departments, and resources.

Forecast project success

BI project reporting tools help managers and executives get full visibility into projects to identify and minimize risks.

Track and reallocate resources workload

View and manage the workload of each team member “at a glance” with the Resource Loading report.

Keep track of your projects’ finances

Get valuable insights into labor costs and project expenses with the Financial Overview feature.

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Generate custom reports only with the data you need

Create your own table, chart, and metric project management reports using different data sources. Have full control of what is included in reports and customize everything from date ranges to appearance.

Our native project reports come with seamless export capabilities. Have your reports printed out as PDF files or as Excel files.

Visualize and analyze
real-time data with BI reports

Leverage dynamic project management reports and dashboards powered by BI to view your company’s performance in real time. Customize reports to better meet your requirements and goals.

Provide executives
with only up-to-date information

Birdview PSA helps both managers and executives present and analyze large amounts of data in beautifully designed interactive reports and dashboards.

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Summary Report

Save tons of time and let your managers and PMOs stay on top of their projects. At a glance, you will get insights into:

  • Projects with missing information
  • Adherence to a baseline
  • Schedule and budget variance
  • Portfolio health
  • Which projects should be prioritized based on the estimated value and risk
  • And much more...

Gain visibility into projects

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  • project status report screen
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Gain full visibility into resources

Available for: Professional Services
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  • project resource usage report screen
  • project resource loading reporting screen
  • resource utilization dashboard screen

Gain full visibility into finances

  • financial progress reporting screen
  • project budget reporting screen
  • project time spent reporting image
  • reports on project activities example

“...Birdview PSA has been highly efficient due to our running and formatting report time being cut in half. We now have a single tool that our creative, digital and marketing teams can use to collaborate.”

Team Function:
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“The key benefit of using Birdview PSA in our company - now when we want to know how profitable a project was, we run a report and when it is time to do billing it is all right there.”

Team Function:
Professional Services
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“We evaluated about 15-20 project management products and finally chose Birdview PSA as it had a good price point, function design, reporting and the support seemed very responsive which proved to be true before and after we made the purchase.”

Team Function:
Project Management
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The visibility you need,
the confidence you deserve

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