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Streamline your resource planning and allocation process

Achieve project success through confident resource planning and allocation with Birdview.

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Leverage the power of strategic resource planning

Available for: Professional Services

Book resources for new projects in advance

Ensure that the resources critical for your projects will be available when needed. With Birdview, you can book resources well in advance to:

  • Ensure that the capacity meets the demands
  • Avoid delays or disruptions in project execution
  • Streamline your resource planning and management process
  • Eliminate the possibility of overbooking and double-booking resources
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resource planning by job role screen

Ensure you have enough resources to take on new projects

Make sure you meet the demands of your existing projects while accommodating new ones using Birdview’s resource planning software. Identify your team’s capacity gaps based on skill sets and align them with project requirements to:

  • Make informed decisions regarding hiring and training
  • Avoid resource overloading and underloading
  • Deliver projects on schedule and avoid bottlenecks or delays
  • Take on new projects with confidence

Resolve conflicts and optimize resource allocation

Ensure the best resources are allocated to the most important projects. Allocate resources based on your organization’s priorities. Use a variety of variables such as project type, clients, timelines, business goals, and profitability for prioritization.

  • Efficiently address conflicts or competing demands for resources
  • Ensure every project is provided with the required resources
  • Enable efficient and cost-effective resource utilization
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optimized resource allocation screen

Control your
resource utilization

Get a resource allocation tool that allows reviewing your planned resource allocation against the current resource utilization and make necessary adjustments to:

  • Optimize resource allocation based on real-time information
  • Ensure smoother project execution and avoid delays
  • Maintain a balanced workload for your resources

Simplify your resource
planning process

Available for: Professional Services
  • high-level resource planning for projects screen
  • find resources for projects screen
  • different views for resource allocation image
Do you want to Grow Faster
and More Profitable?

Forecast and make informed decisions with business intelligence

Available for: Professional Services
  • A resource demand graph
  • A team’s workload graph

Schedule your resources efficiently

Ensure a balanced distribution of tasks and resources across current projects with Birdview’s resource scheduling tool. Make sure that work is assigned to the right resources to deliver projects on time and within budget.

  • Increase billable resource utilization
  • Plan project timelines accurately
  • Save team’s time and effort
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The visibility you need,
the confidence you deserve


  • Resource allocation is a process of assigning resources to different tasks, projects, or activities based on their importance, priority, and availability. By allocating resources effectively, organizations can ensure that they maximize their productivity by using their resources in the most productive way possible, leading to greater efficiency and profitability. Learn more about resource allocation

  • Resource capacity planning entails evaluating resource availability, skills, and workload to align them with project demands. By proactively assessing resource capacities, identifying potential bottlenecks, and making informed decisions, firms can optimize resource allocation and meet project requirements effectively. Learn more about resource capacity planning

  • To create a resource plan, identify project resource needs and define required skill sets. Then, schedule and allocate resources based on project timelines and priorities. Regularly review and adjust the plan to ensure efficient resource utilization and successful project delivery. You can get a complete resource plan and adjust it when needed using Birdview PSA.

  • A resource breakdown structure (RBS) in project management is a hierarchical framework that categorizes and organizes project resources based on their types and subtypes. It provides a structured overview of the resources required, aiding in better understanding, allocating, and managing resources throughout the project lifecycle.

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