Energy, Oil and Gas Project Management Software

From drilling operations to expansive energy projects, Birdview PSA is crafted to address the distinct challenges of the energy, oil, and gas sectors. Empower your professionals to optimize workflows, maintain complete oversight of projects, and propel industry growth.

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Ensure Successful Project Delivery

Whether you're overseeing minor drilling operations or major energy initiatives, Birdview PSA ensures you consistently complete projects on schedule and within financial parameters, guaranteeing stakeholder satisfaction.

Identify and Mitigate

Prioritize and tackle risks in critical energy, oil, and gas ventures. Birdview PSA empowers you to pinpoint and avert potential challenges, reducing their influence on project schedules and results.

Optimize Resource Planning & Scheduling

Balance resource distribution to enhance your team's efficiency. With Birdview PSA you can streamline your planning process through comprehensive analysis and undertake more initiatives with assured confidence.

Unified Management for Energy, Oil, and Gas Projects

Accurate Cost and Budget Control

Maximize your investments and ensure every dollar drives project success.

  • Plan and manage project and task expenses with ease, ensuring timely adjustments and efficient budget management
  • Plan future projects with confidence, allowing for accurate budgeting and financial forecasting
  • Gain real-time insights into project financial data for better business decisions and streamlined reporting

Optimized Resource Utilization and Planning

Maximize your team's potential, ensuring every resource is optimally allocated and drives project success with the Birdview PSA oil and gas resource management.

  • Ensure that manpower and equipment are deployed where they're most needed, reducing downtime and wastage
  • Plan your team’s workload based on their availability, skill set, roles, costs, and project needs with Demand vs. Capacity visibility
  • Keep your resources balanced by preventing risks and ensuring optimal resource utilization

Better Risk Management

Transform uncertainties into opportunities and navigate the energy sector with confidence.

  • Ensure projects align with their original plans and potential challenges are identified early with precise cost and schedule risk analysis
  • Proactively track SPI and CPI values and take preventive measures to mitigate risks using our Earned Value Analysis (EVA) for all your oil, gas, and energy projects
  • Enhance equipment inspection accuracy, by setting up maintenance tasks and reminders, ensuring operations run smoothly and unexpected breakdowns are minimized

Full Visibility into Projects

Illuminate every project phase, ensuring informed decisions, timely interventions, and consistent success with the Birdview PSA project management software for oil and gas industry.

  • Get a clear snapshot of all ongoing projects, their statuses, and potential bottlenecks with Birdview’s unified business intelligence dashboard
  • Ensure you're always in the loop and can make adjustments as projects evolve with real-time status updates
  • Dive deep into project analytics, gaining insights that reflect current performance and help in forecasting future trends and challenges

Improved Governance

Streamline operations, ensure compliance, and drive consistent excellence across all projects using the Birdview PSA oil and gas project management software.

  • Ensure consistent standards and practices across all projects and enhance transparency and accountability within a centralized platform
  • Stay ahead of industry regulations and standards with Birdview’s audit logs, ensuring every project meets and exceeds compliance benchmarks, safeguarding your reputation
  • Harness the power of real-time analytics and insights and enable informed decisions that align with organizational goals and oil, gas, and energy industry best practices

Achieve Operational Excellence
with a Data-driven Approach

  • Forecast
  • Monitor
  • Deliver

Anticipate Resource Demands

  • Gauge upcoming resource requirements and align them with your existing capacity
  • Ensure you're always staffed for new ventures. Pinpoint growth opportunities and harness data insights to steer business growth strategically

Proactively Monitor Performance KPIs and Metrics

Utilize bespoke BI reports and dashboards to access instant insights on key project indicators, such as:

  • Status of project activities
  • Adherence, compliance, and efficiency metrics
  • Resource allocation utilization
  • Budget variance
  • Project timelines
  • And more

Deliver More Projects on Time

With the Birdview PSA oil and gas project management software, you're not just managing projects; you're guaranteeing they're delivered on time and within budget, every time.

  • Empower your company with efficient planning, allowing teams to streamline project timelines and consistently adhere to schedules
  • Ensure that every project not only stays on track time-wise but also remains within its financial parameters using Birdview’s robust budget monitoring tools
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Birdview PSA Integrates with Over 6000+ Apps

We were able to standardize our processes...

“By leveraging Birdview PSA, we were able to standardize our processes through every stage of the project life cycle while tailoring the system to fit our needs. By having all of our business systems and information integrated into one enterprise system source of truth, we can leverage powerful business analytics through custom Power BI reports.”

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Birdview PSA helps us look much more professional

“We were given the freedom to choose any Project Management software on the market. After extensive research, we chose Birdview PSA. The ease and flexibility of creating custom fields have been invaluable to me. Project planning used to take us 3-4 days to complete; now, it takes us 3-4 hours. ”

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We now have transparency around budgets and profitability

“We now have transparency around budgets and profitability, and we developed a target profitability metric for project teams to work towards. This way, they can easily see how the project is progressing, and make changes throughout to keep it on track, rather than finding out after the fact that too many hours were spent. ”

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We have been able to grow alongside Birdview for an overall win-win relationship

“Microsoft Power BI was the real kicker in being able to turn the various inputs into valuable data. Working with Birdview’s BI team has been a huge value add. There was little we had to customize on the base platform, which is great after experiencing software that required much greater administrative oversight. ”

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