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Discover enterprise project management
  • Manage your complex and large-scale projects
  • Provide on-budget and on-schedule project delivery
  • Get enhanced security coupled with robust administrative features
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Enterprise power, agile execution

Manage programs

Variable options to achieve different business goals. Create projects and portfolios to optimize your work

Protect data

Data security at all possible levels of your choice and a system of permissions for the enterprise level protection

Forecast demand

Highly accurate forecasts of various project areas, their health, and costs, built with AI and BI

Connect silos

Employee cohesion achieved through complete transparency. The remote and hybrid work format will also no longer be a barrier to synergy

Integrate systems

Seamless integration with all major financial and other tools for accelerated adoption of the new system and optimization of time expenses

Adopt fast

Support at all stages of integration by an experienced support team, continuous product improvement and customization

Manage globally with the help of a customizable enterprise project management software

Ensure smart project & portfolio management

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Enterprise resource capacity planning

Assign the right people for the right work to enable quality on-time project delivery.

  • Manual and AI-based workload distribution
  • Complete visibility into workload across teams and individuals
  • Ensuring a positive work environment to avoid staff overloading, turnover, and stress
  • Time-tracking tools for increased accountability

Best in class onboarding and technical support

  • 3-6 week implementation
  • Personal product manager
  • Complete data migration
  • Personalized training program
  • Business workflow design
  • Industry best practices applied
  • Custom instance setup
  • Integration with your existing solutions
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Gain full visibility into budgets and expenses

  • Forecast and visualize future project demand to ensure you always stay on track.
  • Manage time and money spent to avoid budget overruns and team overloading.
  • Set targets and set alerts to spot and fix issues in real time.

Plan for future work with BI and AI

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A single source of truth for thousands of enterprise-level companies

*Average results powered by Birdview

  • 10%
  • 90%
    activities completed
    on budget
  • 15%
  • 85%
    activities completed
    on schedule

Enterprise-grade security
and compliance to rely on

  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Permissions

Birdview security is powered by Microsoft Azure cloud complying with numerous cloud service provider certifications and attestations such as :

  • ISO 27007
  • SOC 1 / SOC 2 / SOC 3
  • FedRAMP
  • UK G-Cloud

Any data in transit between user devices and Birdview’ data centers is encrypted with industry-standard encrypted transport protocols SSL/HTTPS.

  • Data at rest/in transit
  • Backup
  • Malware protection

Control what users can access certain information and decide what data to share using role-based access and permission management. Set up restrictions for each project, portfolio, and user.

  • 2FA
  • SSO
  • Encryption in project management security image
  • SaaS applications
  • Enterprise solutions


Connect with 5,000+ of your favorite business tools for even more effective management, from web-based SaaS applications to on-premise enterprise solutions.

Keep working with the tools your company is used to via our robust, field-tested API, or select from the list of prebuilt Zapier integrations.

Customers share
their experience and results

37% Increase in productivity

We use a lot of (BI) data for external customers on the fly

“Visibility and access to information have caused a cultural shift. We use a lot of (BI) data for external customers on the fly – It provides a tremendous amount of help.”

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99% Tracked Milestones Completed on Schedule

Birdview has centered our team

“…and is increasingly having that effect on other teams in our business. Everyone now knows that a given project isn’t real until it’s in Birdview.”

Clay Angelly
Business Unit Manager
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80% Decrease in planning and initiation time

Birdview helps us look much more professional

“Project planning used to take us 3-4 days to complete; now, it takes us 3-4 hours. Our customers appreciate the detailed level of reporting we provide them.”

Roberto Villa
Head of R&D
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60% Increase in productivity

50-75% faster

“I can create a project in Birdview 50-75% faster than I could in our previous PM system.”

Eric Baker
Sr. Manager Service Delivery
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315% User growth

Birdview has been a partner to us

“My experience has been that I get requests from departments and divisions across our Organization requesting to get Birdview (formerly Easy Projects) for their team because they saw it being used in another meeting, and they really liked what they saw.”

Kevin D.
Systems Project Manager
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200 Projects Managed Simultaneously

Implementing Birdview has saved time

“..billing reports that used to take one to two days to compile can now be completed in a few hours.”

Horacio Escalada
Project Manager
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Top-Rated Enterprise Project Management Software

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