Resource Scheduling Software

Optimize your Resource Scheduling and Management Process

Ensure a balanced distribution of tasks and resources across current projects to decrease employees’ stress, maximize your workforce capacity, and ensure on-time project delivery with the Birdview PSA resource scheduling software.

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Tactical Resource Management
Achieve Workload Balance for Current Projects

Get the Most
of Your Resources

Gain full visibility into the team’s workload and assignments in real time with Birdview’s resource scheduling software to take on new clients’ requests fully prepared.

  • Make the most of your resources and increase billable resource utilization by identifying and fixing project team over- and underloading
  • Plan project timelines accurately based on your team’s workload, including individual work schedules and vacations
  • Save time and effort by effortlessly adjusting your team's workload with automated or manual front/back loading modes
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Easily Manage Roles across Your Organization

Define as many business roles you need and manage their skills and billing rates across the entire organization and specific projects. Make future project planning more accessible, efficient, and tailored to your business needs.

  • Create custom job roles specific to your organization
  • Set and manage skills and hourly rates across specialists
  • Have a clear understanding of team members' roles and skill sets
  • Accurately plan and allocate roles across future projects and tasks
  • Create reports across each job role

Align Resources with Your Project Needs

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Adjust Timelines with One Click

Get a clear vision of an entire project schedule to accommodate any changes made within your project workflow.

Change your resource allocation as required to ensure on-time project delivery with our resource scheduling tools.

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Get Visibility into Schedules

Enable advanced project resource scheduling. Track your team’s vacations and time off to identify its availability for future work.

Use My Vacations Сalendar to add, edit, view various types of days off.

Maximize Workload Efficiency with Business Intelligence Analysis
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  • An overloaded project resources graph

Plan Your Resources with Confidence

Efficiently plan and understand resource capacity across your entire organization and take on new projects with confidence.

A powerful resource planning center allows you to book resources in advance, forecast your team’s capacity, review your planned resource allocation against the current resource utilization.

Build up Project Success with Optimized Resources


  • Resource scheduling in project management refers to the process of efficiently assigning and managing people to specific tasks and activities within a project to ensure optimal utilization and timely project delivery. Learn more about resource scheduling

  • While resource scheduling provides structure and organization to project management, it can potentially limit flexibility for professional services firms in managing projects due to dependencies and constraints on resource availability, which may require careful planning and coordination to accommodate changing project needs.

  • To optimize resource utilization, it is crucial to assess resource availability, skills, and project requirements. With Birdivew PSA, you can access and manage all of this information within a single platform. By effectively allocating resources, monitoring their workload, and facilitating seamless communication, professional services organizations can maximize resource productivity and minimize downtime. Learn more about resource utilization

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