Project Management Software for Creative Teams

Get full visibility into projects, resources and finances using the Birdview PSA creative project management platform.

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Enable Seamless Communication

Impress customers with transparent processes and interaction speed. Automatically share updates, streamline approvals, provide feedback, provide guest access, and much more.

Manage Teams Efficiently

Connect all teams within a single platform, providing them with the collaboration tools they need. Easily manage, plan, and allocate resources to maximize their utilization.

Share Insightful Reports

Leverage 250+ reports on projects, resources, and finances and create customizable real-time dashboards to check on your teams’ progress and share the data with your customers.

Plan, Manage, and Forecast Creative Project Delivery from One Place

Juggle multiple projects at one time, with different deadlines. Rely on different members of your creative team to collaborate on different tasks and have multiple decencies under control with the Birdview PSA creative management software.

Fully Customizable Workflows Based on Your Team Needs

Set up key processes to make sure your creative team focuses on the most important thing — delivering clients’ projects with excellence.

  • Views, columns, participants, accesses, etc. are fully customizable
  • Custom workflows, fields, and attributes
  • Color-coding feature
  • 2000+ integrations
Click on the Tabs
  • Work in progress
  • Table View
  • Gantt Chart View
  • Kanban View
  • Calendar View
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Project data - Calendar view
Project tracking tool - table view

Four Ways to Collaborate with your Creative Teams and Clients

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Simplified Digital and Printed Asset Management

Make it easier for creative teams to deal with digital and printed assets within the context of a project or task. With Image annotations team members can:

  • Mark specific areas on the uploaded images
  • Add comments for the team to review
  • Get instant feedback on their requests

Smart Resource Management and Optimized Timelines

Always know who's currently available to complete a specific task, or which resources you need to bring in to take on a new project next quarter.

  • Visualize and optimize team workloads to avoid burnouts
  • Streamline planning and resource allocation to fix overloading and underloading
  • Assign tasks to the right people based on their schedule and skillset
  • Set dependencies between tasks and projects to always have a realistic view of your project timelines
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How Birdview PSA Differs?

We are more than a full-cycle project management platform. There is always room for growth with our solutions.

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We Maximize Your Data Usage

We are turned on by accurate and insightful reporting. If data can’t be analyzed it’s useless.

We Care About Your Success

Our team will make sure you start using powerful features to the fullest ASAP.

We Grow With You. Always

Every step of your business growth and expansion will be powered by new features, modules, updates, and unique customization.

Gain Valuable Insights into your Creative Activities

  • Keep Your Customers in the Loop

    Use our creative project management software to offer customers full transparency into their projects.

    • Create custom dashboards and charts to visualize projects
    • Provide updates on the project’s progress
    • Pick only data relevant to the client
    • Get project results approved
    • Calculate billable hours for future invoices
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  • Measure Projects’ Progress and Team’s Performance

    Create custom reports powered by Business Intelligence and get real-time insights into:

    • Daily operations
    • Adoption, Compliance, and Performance
    • Resource utilization
    • Finances
    • Schedules
    project dashboards for creative teams
  • Visualize and Track Your Profit Margins

    Monitor all KPIs, including expenses, costs, and budgets in real-time using our creative project management software.

    • Plan project budgets ahead
    • Compare actual costs against estimated ones to avoid budget overrun
    • Calculate revenue to identify your most profitable work
    • Track billable and non-billable hours
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  • project dashboards for creative teams
  • activity center for creative teams screen
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Integrate with 6,000+
of your Favorite Tools

No more wasting your team’s time and missed deadlines. Have all data necessary for successful project completion conveniently grouped and accessed in the platform, even if it wasn't originally created in the Birdview PSA creative project management software.

More “Must-Have”
Creative Project Management Tools

Project Portfolio Management

Manage and prioritize multiple projects with a single project portfolio management software for creative teams.

Streamlined Project

Efficiently manage project timelines and the use of your resources by setting up dependencies between tasks.

Custom Project

Create new projects and tasks via Activity Center with a single click using our custom templates. The number of templates is not limited.

Permissions & Restrictions

You decide what data can be accessed by your team members, clients, and other third-parties.

Security & Encryption

We offer enterprise-grade security solutions powered by MS Azure to keep every piece of your data secure.

Full Onboarding in 3-6 Weeks

Our dedicated Success Coach will help you implement and fully customize Birdview PSA to meet your needs.

“Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) was head and shoulders above the rest. Our time tracking was greatly improved; as previously billable hours were easily missed. Our customers are much happier now, since we utilize the Easy Projects API to build reports into our client web portal.”

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“The Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) creative project management tools have significantly improved our team’s project process. From the client input form to project reporting, we are able to manage our projects from start to finish all within the application. It’s easy to use for everyone.”

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Grow Faster and Increase Profit Margins with Birdview PSA

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