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Implementing Birdview PSA across Non-Tech Users


Lack of a user-friendly tool

  • The company used MS Project for managing projects but that tool proved to be too difficult for many users. These users managed their projects manually from the reports.


  • Workflow automation

    CL Resources was looking for a user-friendly solution that would allow their team to use it easily and without any problems. Since Birdview PSA highly relies on automation and introduces intuitive interfaces, it is easy for new users to adapt to its features.

  • Project tracking

    Because CL Resources works directly with clients, it is important for them to monitor the health of the project and its status. Birdview PSA provides the company with all the features needed for accurate project and task tracking.

  • A Single source of truth

    Bug tracking and always having up-to-date information about a particular task is a crucial aspect of working in web development. In Birdview PSA, all fixes and updates are available to performers and managers.


CL Resources reviewed and researched about 9 other Project Management applications to find the one that would fit their requirements to ease the use of PM applications for other users who are not that good at computers. The three important criteria in choosing a PM application for them were cost, features, and web accessibility. Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) has met all of the company’s needs and is now actively used by 12 users for managing 38 projects simultaneously

The support team of Birdview PSA was able to resolve any glitch fairly quickly. The most significant features for CL Resources became bug submission and request submission.

I was totally impressed by how easy it is to use and how it is designed.

“I have narrowed down the choice to Birdview PSA because of its cost and all the features that came with it. Birdview PSA has met our needs in areas of Bugs, Requests, and Actual project control and it is accessible by web interface. I was totally impressed by how easy it is to use and how it is designed.


Gregory S. Werth 


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