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SES Increased Annual Revenue by 10% and Profits by 15%


Lack of professional tools

  • Even though SES had the technology to build a more sustainable future, it didn’t have the tools necessary to reach these objectives optimally as the company grew. 

Risk of exceeding project hours

  • Most of the SES projects have multiple phases, each can last up to several years. The team didn’t have a solution to accurately keep track of different project streams led by different teams to keep them on-time and on-budget.


  • Project Tracking

    SES tracks a number of metrics to stay on top of how likely projects are to meet their deadlines and stay within budget. The metrics include target, estimated, and actual project profitability, cost performance index (CPI), and schedule performance index (SPI). Metrics like SPI allow SES to understand whether their projects are ahead or behind, giving teams considerable planning capabilities for when they can expect setbacks, allowing them to adjust deadlines or allocate more resources to a certain area. Teams can also look at past data on this metric to get a good idea as to how long tasks might take.

  • Business Intelligence

    SES uses BI-powered reporting to monitor metrics on project profitability to maintain company-wide profitability. For example, comparing the target, estimated, and actual project profitability, as well as comparing profitability by other criteria such as project, team, and manager, allows SES to understand where budgeting issues may be arising from and how to resolve potential inefficiencies in workflows.

  • Resource Management

    Team members can track their own development within their role, allowing them to see personal milestones and achievements, creating a sense of accomplishment, thus increasing morale and employee satisfaction. For example, SES staff use the software to track how much more efficient they become since they can compare themselves to past projects. They are able to download their timesheets and track the improvement on various tasks, such as time spent completing an inventory spreadsheet.

  • Resource Loading

    SES is able to gain real-time insights into the capacity of their team members and thus make sure that they are not overloaded. With the Birdview PSA resource planning features, the staff is able to review their task list and priorities at least weekly and ensure they have sufficient time allocated to complete each task. This means they can adjust their schedule and never allow themselves to become inundated with too much work to complete in too little time.


Tackling global warming by reducing GHG emissions at the rate that SES is achieving is no easy feat. To achieve all of this, its processes and operations have to be efficient, and can’t afford to let the ball drop in regard to resource mismanagement and forward planning. 

With the help of Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects), SES is now able to reach higher levels of operational efficiency, which results in increased profitability. The tool allows SES to focus on improving internal processes and gain vital transparency into projects.

Birdview PSA has contributed to a number of SES’ most successful projects. SES has been able to gain fundamental insights into resource loading, employee performance and development, and project profitability and schedule. This has played a crucial role in ensuring that projects progress as they should and that there are no unexpected obstacles that might slow things down or send them off track. Ultimately, this enables the company to perform at its maximum output. This means better business results, more energy-efficient buildings, and more GHG emissions saved from entering the atmosphere. If ever there were a perfect example of innovation, science, and engineering playing a crucial role in combating climate change – this might just be it.

We now have transparency around budgets and profitability

We now have transparency around budgets and profitability, and we developed a target profitability metric for project teams to work towards. This way, they can easily see how the project is progressing, and make changes throughout to keep it on track, rather than finding out after the fact that too many hours were spent. Birdview PSA also enables everyone to have continuous visibility into what project milestones are being achieved, giving the team a sense of accomplishment, and clarity on progress and deadlines.”

Nicole Cook, 

Director of Operations

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