Easy Projects is now Birdview PSA
We are happy to announce that Easy Projects has been rebranded as Birdview PSA.

As you might already know, for a while we had two sets of products: Easy Projects - a project management platform and Birdview PSA - professional services automation platform.

Our mission is to help organizations grow faster by providing them with a single source of truth for resources, projects, and finances. A unified platform that offers visibility, insights, and a birds-eye view into the whole business. We believe that the name Birdview PSA reflects this mission much better.

Please bear with us for a while, as it will take us some time to roll out this rebranding through all of our product, support, and marketing resources.

This change won’t affect existing Birdview PSA users in any way. Your subscription and plan will remain the same.

If you’re a current user of the Easy Projects Team or Enterprise plans, this change will affect your Plan NAME only. The rebranding does not change the functionality or pricing of your existing plan.

  • Easy Projects Team edition will now be called Birdview Lite.
  • Easy Projects Enterprise edition will now be called Birdview Legacy.

Easy Projects Enterprise (aka Birdview Legacy) is no longer available for purchase by new customers. All existing clients will still be able to purchase additional licenses by contacting our Customer Success team.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our Customer Success team at [email protected] or reach out directly to your personal Customer Success manager.


Grow Нour Professional Services Business Faster with Birdview PSA

Resource Management

Make the Most of Your Resources

Maximize resource utilization and meet your project needs with excellence. Schedule projects, plan your team’s capacity and workload, and forecast future resource demand across multiple projects.

Project Management

Plan and Manage Projects with Ease

Set up projects in a few clicks and monitor their progress at every stage of your service delivery cycle. Group, prioritize, and analyze multiple projects simultaneously across project portfolios.

Financial Management

Keep Track of Your Finances in Real-Time

Get valuable insights into your company’s financial health. Minimize risks by setting budgets, monitoring expenses, evaluating project profitability and performance, and billing your clients on time.

Team Collaboration

Make Working Together Simple

Keep your teams and stakeholders informed and connected. Make it easier for team members to see what needs to be done and when with built-in collaboration tools.

Business Intelligence

Get Accurate Real-Time Insights

View and analyze your organization's performance at all levels. Gain valuable insights across projects, teams, departments, and resources and make informed business decisions.


Bring All Your Data Together

Connect Birdview PSA with 4000+ of your favorite tools and applications to help your team save time and effort and focus more on what matters the most - your customers.

Grow Faster and Increase Profit Margins with Birdview PSA

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