Optimize workflows with Birdview Automation

Connect and automate your business processes across multiple applications to enhance productivity

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Connect and automate your business processes across applications to enhance productivity

Automate manual work

With our intuitive automation builder, you can easily link Birdview to other essential applications. Create custom workflows that automate routine tasks, saving time and reducing errors.

Customize with no-code

Adapt workflows to your unique business needs with an easy-to-use, no-code interface by setting triggers and actions across different platforms.

Boost productivity

Automate data entry, sync information across platforms, and streamline communication. Spend less time managing software and more time growing your business.

How it works?

Experience a seamless and easy automation process with Birdview Automation. Utilize our intuitive builder for hassle-free automation without any coding knowledge:

  • Choose the app and triggering event and set a preferred schedule if required
  • Specify the destination app, actions to execute and the data to transfer
  • That’s it, you’re done!

The process is simple, and you will be all set to go with your streamlined, automated workflow within minutes.

Featured use-cases

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Convert deals
to projects
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Convert opportunities
to projects
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Convert new events
to activities

Break down silos between apps and teams

Access a wide array of SaaS or on-premise applications with Birdview Automation. Choose from various pre-built integrations or connect to thousands of other applications through custom connectors compatible with any app with an open API.

200+ apps available with Birdview integrations

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Boost your efficiency

Optimize Birdview’s internal workflows

Tailor Birdview to fit your team's specific needs by setting up "Birdview to Birdview" automation. Automate the creation of objects, email notifications, and other routine tasks within Birdview.

Fast no-code integrations

Intuitive no-code builder allows users with no coding knowledge to create automations that boost efficiency and reduce manual errors.

Secure and reliable

Birdview Automation comes with enterprise-grade security features and encryption, ensuring your data's safety across all integrated applications.

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