Client Testimonials

  • “Our Aha moment came when a custom report was generated that highlighted a significant ebb in the workload forecast 6 weeks forward. We had guesstimated that our workload would only easy 3 months ahead. If not for this report, we may have been unnecessarily and unacceptably stagnant for several weeks, amounting to over 1000+ man hours of lost cost and revenue opportunity. Giving us full customization to generate reports that could include custom fields is a significant bonus to an already excellent product.
    Zohar Beneliezer, B. EngProject Manager, Avnan Electro Inc.
  • I’m writing to simply share what a great support experience I’ve had. Tasked with migrating our EP install to a new platform, I had some basic technical and process questions. I took a chance on the online chat and was very surprised at the speed and efficiency of the response. My numerous clarifying questions were received well and professionally answered. Well done, I think your support organization should serve as a model in any industry. Regards, Perry.”
    Perry WhiteFinite Engineering Associates 3D, LLC.
  • “Ever since Easy Projects was introduced here at Wired Messenger, we’ve seen a big improvement in planning and managing our resources. The product is being used across the whole company. Our heaviest users are heads of PMO, Creative, Development and Account Management.

    Weekly resource report is one of the most useful features for us. It is used daily for our scrum meeting to identify workload for each resource and evaluate tasks statuses of each project. This report provides a good overall picture of what is ahead in the week and what tasks are due. It saves us at least 10-12 hours each month, which we used to spend creating resource workload charts and reports.”

    Minaz NoormohamedManaging Director, Wired Messenger Inc.
  • When I was first assigned to upgrade our easy project database I was mortified because I had never worked with the database before. But Andy was extremely helpful and walked me through the upgrade process with calm and ease even as I panicked in fear that I would mess something up. Your team is very responsive and has a lot of great resources available which walk you step by step and allow you to perform any task quickly and efficiently. Keep up the great work!

    Thanks again for the awesome support you guys have.”

    Steven GarciaDaughters of Charity Health System
  • “After researching and utilizing the free trial versions of a few project management programs we decided to purchase Easy Projects .NET. We found that Easy Projects offered the most user friendly platform and the tutorials to help new users catch on independently. The Easy Projects .NET support team has been there for us every step of the way, they are always friendly and go above and beyond to help us find the easiest path. We are very happy with the software.”
    Holli SkuzaLakeside Cabinets and Woodworking
  • Love it! I couldn’t manage my projects without it.”
    Liza Jett, PMPTROI IT Solutions
  • “As a consulting firm it is essential for us to be able to manage each engagement as a project and track time against tasks at a detailed level. Easy Projects .NET makes this simple. The interface is easy to use and our consulting team can access the system over the internet from wherever they may be working. Easy Projects .NET truly did make it an easy choice because of the no-risk trial and the ability to easily migrate this account across to be a paid user. The licensing model also provides a flexible range of licensing options to suit small and large businesses.”
    Louise HollebecqConsultancy Practice Manager, OpsCentre Pty Ltd
  • “Shortly after we implemented Easy Projects, one of our designers was unexpectedly out of the office for a week. After taking a look at his assignments in Easy Projects we were able to reallocate work so nothing fell through the cracks. That is only one example out of many of how Easy Projects has helped our creative production workflow.”
    Grocery ChainLowes Foods
  • “Web 2 Market’s team of 13 people design, build, host and support over 100 mid-sized ecommerce sites. Obviously that involves a lot of complex tasks involving multiple team members over long periods of time. Easy Projects .NET has the flexibility to match our unique business processes, and the features we need. The result is more efficient use of our time and happier clients. We also appreciate the excellent support we’ve received. Thanks, Easy Projects .NET!”
    Brad KortPresident, Web 2 Market, Inc.
  • “GatewayBaltic is Market Intelligence and Export Intelligence company. We are running simultaneously several projects and as we are fast growing company; we felt a need for a software that would support the project planning and execution process. With the Easy Projects .NET we were able to better plan for project execution, evaluate availability of our human resources, as well as to have a control over the whole execution process. In this way we have increased our efficiency and profitability!
    Inese AndersoneClient Services Manager, GatewayBaltic
  • “After edging out a shortlist of fifteen products, Easy Projects .NET hasn’t disappointed. Implementation was painless, and we were creating projects and tasks, and entering timesheets immediately. The product’s ease-of-use and flexibility have allowed us to mature our development processes efficiently. Also, timely, competent response from Customer Support and Training staff has impressed us greatly.”
    Terry WilliamsClient Services Manager, Hire Ground Software
  • “We did a comprehensive review of project management systems, and required a cross-platform solution that we could deploy across borders, and that was easy to use. Easy Projects .NET stood out from the other solutions we looked at. In using it, we have not been disappointed, it has genuinely made a significant contribution towards solving our problems in cross-border communication on high-value projects. The integration of timesheets and billing has in particular been useful. When we have had issues, the support has been exemplary. I have no hesitation in recommending Easy Projects .NET!”
    Nick BaskettManaging Director, Matta
  • “Great tool, its simplicity and ease of use played a key role in the successful delivery of a large, complex business systems implementation across our Australian operations. Easy Projects .NET ensured that the team had full visibility of activities and were able to collaborate on critical tasks effectively. I have already recommended Easy Projects .NET to a number of staff managing complex projects and will certainly be using it again in the future.”
    Kevin BenaichaQuality Assurance Manager, Coates Hire
  • “We have been impressed with Easy Projects since first testing it in Watson-Marlow Pumps Group OEM Division over three years ago!! We liked that EP.NET was straight forward, did not need up front specialised training, was customisable, and as such was excellent value for our money. EP enabled us to move away from email communications to progress projects and improve decision making traceability, by becoming the single global database for OEM projects. We especially like the simple Request, Task, Issue “Activity” definitions for work management, and the Dashboard for work visibility. The improvements that EP7.0 has brought are just great; it's like the developers know what we need and deliver it in each upgrade! We are now rolling out the use of EP wider within the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group by setting up Portfolios to represent different project markets. Looking forward to seeing EP8.0!!!”
    Rob MeadSenior Business Development Manager, Watson-Marlow Pumps Group
  • “Easy Projects .NET was successfully deployed in Digital Mail Limited to improve delivery of projects and time tracking for activities. Following a study and an evaluation phase, Easy Projects .NET was implemented and immediately fulfilled all our requirements and provided business benefits from Day 1. Simple and effective, yet flexible, Easy Projects .NET can be applied to all project methodologies, from Prince2 to Agile. We would now recommend EP.NET as the main contender to Microsoft Project Server!
    Farhan ChaudhryManaging Director, MPM Internet
  • “A clinic comprised of a dozen medical professionals engaged me to adapt standard IT project management tools to their business. The business is to manage complex cases where people have had a catastrophic accident. Their challenge is to manage all of the activities of all of the medical professions over the period of one to two years of rehabilitation. These medical professionals found it easy to learn to use EasyProjects. I looked at about a dozen other packages that all claimed to be user friendly – none came close to EasyProjects in terms of ease of use and function. In addition, all were more expensive too! EasyProjects is a great price performer, and the support is great.”
    Bill StewartContract Project Manager
  • “EP immediately resolved the majority of the problems. Management of the clients' list, assignments and tasks, tracking billing became a breeze and saved a lot of headaches and unnecessary duplication in various programs. Your ability to multi-task is obviously increased by using EasyProjects. The additional capabilities that we have not expected were convenient time and expense entries, customized status of projects and tasks, posting of messages within the assignment, e-mail notifications, and re-assignment within the same task.”
    Dmitri I. DubograevFounder and CEO, International Legal Counsels (d/b/a
  • “Our Global Operations team was looking for a project management system that would be easy enough for non-technical people to use, yet robust enough to give us the tracking and reporting we needed to manage projects for all our international companies. After researching other applications and many trial offers, Easy Projects was the only one that could easily be incorporated into our departmental needs. The follow up to any questions we have is excellent!”
    Debbie KochisDomestic CRM Systems Developer and Lead, Caliper Corp
  • “Easyprojects was just what our company needed. It is affordable project management software that could be used by our development team, as well as other departments. In addition, the customer service that Easyprojects provides could not be matched.
    Melissa ReifSenior IT Project Manager, Health Benefits Direct
  • “Logic Software not only makes project management easier than ever, it's also affordable and accessible. The ability to attach documents to tasks, share updates across the net, and easily and quickly sort project tasks and assignments from anywhere makes anyone involved in the project feel informed and included. This is by far the best upgrade from any project management software anywhere.”
    Dennis McCarthySVP/CIO, Superior Residences, Inc.
  • “EasyProjects is the most cost-effective web based project management solution that we have found. Support staff are extremely responsive, and suggested functionality is noted and implemented as promised in the next version. The hosted solution is now a high availability service which is essential to our business. Overall EasyProjects is a high-quality, cost-effective solution. Keep up the good work.”
    Jon BurrellChief Technology Officer, VWI
  • “I just wanted to take a moment to say how absolutely wonderful your support people are.
    Even if there were another product as good as EasyProjects… I'd never switch because of your support. The issues I've had are due to changing to a new computer and Andy stuck things out with me until things were working again. I am a fanatic about customer service and I cannot recall working with any company that provides the support I've received from EasyProjects. Feel free to quote me on that!”
    Pamela C. Kurschner, PHRProject Manager, Access Computer Technology
  • “EP.NET has drastically improved our department's project management process after migrating from MS Sharepoint Services. The name “EasyProject” is a perfect fit for this product. It is extremely easy to use and keeps us better organized to meet our client's needs. The Time Log option is a major improvement over any other product we've utilized. It has been instrumental in reaching our cost cutting and delivery projections. I'm excitingly waiting for the next version. Thank you and keep up the good work!”
    Mario GiordanoManager Web Services, Caretech Solutions, Inc.
  • “I have used Easy Projects in several different organizations, where it manages many users and hundreds of clients and projects.It is a good combination of features and functionality for its price-point. Having help desk, project management and reporting features in an all-in-one presentation is both convenient an, in this case, affordable. Combined with the generally intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which is still powerful, the application has been the right choice again and again.”
    Michael StoyanovichIT Director, BeneSys
  • “We evaluated about 5 project management products before we decide on Easy Projects. We liked that it is very user friendly, has an easy learning curve and is very intuitive – we didn't have to spend any time on training.
    Easy Projects .NET solved all our problems. It gave us an ability to control all projects, see progress and comments. We also could give user authorizations for each project. It's very structured and easy to learn. We have about 12 people using the tool. Right now Easy Projects probably saves us a full day of labor per month.”
    Irina TkachBusiness Analyst, Med-Link Computer Sciences
  • “I have found Easy Projects to be an easy-to-use and effective tool for monitoring and managing projects. It provides an excellent mix of simplicity and comprehensive capabilities. With a few simple tweaks utilizing Custom Fields and our own special programs, we have been able to automate the entire interaction process with the system and our developers. This includes Status Reporting, follow-up, Time Sheets and a central repository for project related documents. It is the complete package while still remaining one of the most affordable I have seen.”
    Phil SloverManager, IT Operations and Development, MIMA
  • “I appreciate the effort it takes to provide such quick response times to our questions, technical or otherwise, whether by email or by phone. And the fact that a real person answers the phone immediately when we call Logic Software is so good it's almost shocking! (in a good way, of course). We have gotten to know individuals at Logic Software on a first name basis and always have a pleasant experience getting our questions answered quickly without any hassle. Thank you Logic Software!”
    Tom NelsonPatient Care
  • “Easy fits our needs perfectly. We have developers all over the world, working in decentralized teams. And Easy is there to help them. 24/7 and via any internet computer in the world.”
    Johan TheunissenMCPD, MCSE, MCTS BizTalk 2006
  • “We are using EP for a long time now. We had an old version of EP, and before, during and after upgrade we had great support. When one of the functions of EP didn't work not only I got good support but a much better solution. The software was updated and adapted to our needs by an remote session! That is what I call customer-friendly! Thanks!”
    Bernd WeusthofIT-services, CaptureTech Corporation BV
  • “To manage projects the I.T. Solutions group was using a combination of an in-house developed time tracking application and Excel spreadsheets. As a result, there was no central place to easily access the necessary project's information. Because of the different formats it used to take days to consolidate all the data and produce project status reports. There are 60 users active on the system with approximately 200 projects entered. To date, implementing EP .NET has saved time. For example, billing reports that used to take one to two days to compile can now be completed in a few hours. Also the accuracy of tracking of development hours has improved significantly”
    Horacio EscaladaProject Manager, Toromont Industries Ltd. Information Technology
  • “As an Easy Projects customer for over 3 years we have utilized the software to manage development for projects across multiple continents. The key to successfully managing projects is the ability to analyze a project and determine the appropriate tools for management. Easy Projects allows our project managers the ability to scale back process based on the scope of the project and maintain consistent project management principles regardless of project size. SkinStore employs Easy Projects for use in Development projects and Marketing projects to ensure that as a leader in online skincare product retail we are able to bring products and features to the market at a much faster pace than our competitors, with a higher degree of quality. The intuitive interface and the ability to customize the workflow provides SkinStore the ability to perform as many as 4-5 website releases per week across multiple websites utilizing multiple development teams. More importantly as a customer we consistently see our feedback rolled into future releases, which means Easy Projects is not just a product they are a partner in our success. Keep up the good work”
    Bob LyonsVP, Technology,
  • “Easy Projects is a wonderful tool for managing any type of project, whether it is small or large, ongoing or not. The reason that we found it to be particularly useful was the fact that we could customize it in any way, shape or form. We didn't have to adapt to fit within the program; we adapted the software so it worked in the manner we needed it to. Easy Projects staff was there every step of the way. Thank you!!”
    Margaret ZywczykProject Manager, Maddie's Projects in Maricopa County
  • “Easy Projects has enabled me to get my distributed workforce all on the same page. My developers work all over the country, but I'm comfortable now that we're able to track the progress of our projects from anywhere. It was easy to setup, it's easy to use, and it works great!”
    Richard ReesDirector, Good to Grow Pty Ltd
  • “Yes, (we are) very happy with Easy Projects. It has made it easy to manage a number of remote teams in co-ordinating the delivery of an application for the UK government.”
    Mark ChallinorManaging Consultant, Veloc-IT Projects Limited
  • “EasyProjects.Net allows our I.T. staff to collaborate on each project and activity with ease. The product is truly dynamic and has a solution for every requirement we have.”
    Jay WestercampSoftware Developer, Farner-Bocken
  • “We are very satisfied with EasyProject. It has given us great insight into where we are spending our time in the projects that we have to do. It has also allowed us to figure out which departments in our college are the greatest load on us. It has helped us become more efficient in our time allocation and estimations”.
    Chris RobisonSoftware Developer, Brigham Young University Life Sciences
  • “We have tried and implemented various project management software packages over the years and have never quite been satisfied. Most have been so complicated to use that our project managers and staff would only make use of a few fetaures or stop using it completely. Easyprojects made sense to us as soon as we tried the demo. It has been a fantastic product that all of our team have found extremely intuitive to use. We particularly liked the ability to customise our project and task fields to better match our workflow. And now that the staff all use the software for time keeping we have valued the reporting features which have provided accurate insights into our general profitability and productivity. Well done Logic on a great product!”
    Matthew LesterDirector, 3DViz Pty. Ltd.
  • “My company conducts on-demand, industry leading marketing for small business, As you can imagine that means a lot of projects at once that need to be kept track of. EPN allows us to do that while keeping all staff accountable for their time. They say creative people aren't always the most timely and this fixes that instantly. Thanks!”
    Matt McIntyreOwner, Marketing Mediators LLC
  • “We test-drove a number of leading project management solutions that are supposedly designed specifically for creative agencies like ours but not a single one met our needs. Then we found Easy Projects and have grown more and more excited about it every week. It's simple, intuitive, and flexible and has all the features we need to accurately track project progress and costs. We've been shocked to learn just how many billable hours we weren't billing under our old system. It paid for itself the first week we fired it up.”
    Sheldon PerkinsPartner, Yes! Marketing Group
  • “At the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam we use Easy Projects for MSI packaging activities including workflow management and reporting. We find that Easy Projects provides us with an easy to use and maintain environment in which we can formalize our needs for supporting the packaging processes. Easy Projects runs on a SQL database which is easily created and upgraded without loss of data. Easy Projects uses an simple yet effective user interface and provides the product-administrator room for registering multiple actions including timesheets and notifications in case an event changes. Support from the people at Easy Projects is great. They swiftly reply on inquiries, assist with practical ideas and use a follow up procedure after a ticket for help is issued. Furthermore, new ideas are welcomed and a lot of ideas are packed with each new version.Easy Projects is great value for money.”
    Michael SchulzeSoftware Engineer, Academic Medical Centre
  • “The Easy Projects program is a GREAT time saver! It also prevents things from falling through the cracks. Since it is so customizable, this program can easily adapt to any company's situation. It is working beautifully for us. Finally, we have gotten a handle on our workload and are able to maintain it! Thank you!”
    Nathan SchnitmanPresident, Schnitman Group
  • “I love it Easy Projects .NET software. At least three features are very important for me: the sub tasks; report generator and meetings rooms.”
    Ultiminio Ramos Galan
  • “We have started using EP from past 3-4 months. The product is very useful to manage our IT deliveries tracking to closure. Very easy to understand and work with. Besides, technical support is really commendable. To my knowledge, companies can adapt to this application very easily and get benefited managing deliveries.”
    Suswaram SridharCIO, Medi Assist India TPA Pvt. Limited

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