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Thinking of Using Workfront?
Feeling like Workfront is Just Too Complex?

Organizations using Smartsheet frequently find that they have outgrown the product sooner than expected. Organizations using Workfront frequently find that they just don’t get the value out of the product they were expecting. Here are some of the most popular reasons why companies choose Birdview PSA over Workfront:

Easier to Use

Simply put, many users report Workfront is complex, has a steep learning curve and can be hard to use. Birdview PSA users say our ‘at-a-glance’ design is more intuitive, easier to use and has a quicker learning curve.

Improved Team Adoption

Even software that is easy to use still requires proper onboarding and support. At Birdview PSA, we understand this.

Our onboarding goes beyond the standard training and set up.

Our Success coaches are focused on ensuring you achieve your desired outcomes by providing guidance on creating the right change management program and practises needed for full team adoption, establishing the right success metrics and sharing best practises.

Your personal Birdview PSA coach remains at your disposal over your lifetime as a customer.

Simpler System Administration

Some users have commented that it can feel like a full-time administrator needs to be hired to maintain and administer the platform.

Birdview PSA is designed for non – IT professionals to administer and manage the complete platform. This makes it easy for those teams, groups and organizations that don’t want to hire a separate administrator to manage the software.

Administrators can provide granular control over user permissions, security, personalized displays and other functions – all in a “point and click” manner.

Significantly Less Expensive

Many customers comment that Birdview PSA is 2x to 3x less expensive versus Workfront – without giving up capability.

Review for yourself, ask us for a quote and compare for yourself.

Best in Class Onboarding and Technical Support

  • 3-6 week implementation
  • Personal product manager
  • Complete data migration
  • Personalized training program
  • Business workflow design
  • Industry best practices applied
  • Custom instance setup
  • Integration with your existing solutions
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