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Meet Our New Activity Center for Birdview PSA and Easy Projects!

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Today, we are excited to announce a big update for our Activity Center (AC) that is now available for all of our Birdview PSA and Easy Projects users.

Enhanced AC design and functionality make it even simpler for you to access all of the project data and activities. The latest update provides an easier way to:

  • Fully customize the table view (resize and freeze columns as required)
  • Manage and share saved views        
  • Search within the AC by project’s ID and names
  • See baseline on the enhanced Gantt view
  • Find projects and tasks using the redesigned filter panel
  • Use color coding to spotlight important tasks

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If you are using Birdview PSA or Easy Projects, simply go to your Activity Center to try out new features. Check out our short intro video below to learn more about the new functionality and design.

Want to dive deeper into the differences between the old and new AC versions? Watch the recording of our latest webinar where our Customer Success Team shared the best practices for applying new AC features, and answered 50+ questions from our users.

We put our clients first and aim to design the right solution to capture your company’s key needs. If you want to share your feedback or have questions about the new Activity Center, feel free to get in touch with our support team.  

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