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Arizona Liver Health Cuts Project Planning Time by 50% with Birdview


The catalyst for seeking a new solution arose when Arizona Liver Health faced a project of unprecedented complexity. The existing tools at hand proved inadequate for managing such intricacy effectively. The organization previously utilized a combination of Excel, Microsoft Project, Planner, and Clickup for project management. However, the limitations of these tools were evident during the management of a complex project, prompting the search for more advanced project management. Onel could better accommodate the demands of intricate projects while fostering enhanced collaboration and future scalability.

Inadequate integration with essential tools

  • The existing tools the company was using struggled to seamlessly integrate with vital platforms like PowerBI, Outlook, and QuickBooks. This limitation hindered the smooth flow of information and data synchronization, impeding real-time insights and cross-functional collaboration. As a result, decision-making was compromised, and the overall project management process became fragmented.

Lack of tools that can handle task depth and complexity

  • The current tools could not accommodate the depth of sub-steps and multi-layered tasks. This inadequacy made it challenging to map out comprehensive project structures, hindering the team’s ability to define clear task dependencies and timelines. As a result, project planning and execution were becoming convoluted, often leading to confusion and delays.

The disjointed nature of communication channels

  • Сommunication channels were fragmented across various platforms, resulting in delayed updates, missed messages, and an overall lack of clarity on project progress. This lack of cohesion impeded effective cross-functional discussions and decision-making, leading to misunderstandings.

The absence of standardized project templates

  • The existing tools lacked structured templates for recurrent project types, forcing teams to recreate processes from scratch each time. This redundancy not only wasted valuable time but also increased the risk of errors and deviations from best practices. 


After an evaluation of 16 different tools, Arizona Liver Health made a resounding choice in favor of Birdview. Birdview emerged as the ideal solution, equipped with a suite of features specifically designed to enhance the company's project management efficiency, foster collaboration, and elevate overall project outcomes.

  • Team collaboration

    Birdview acted as a centralized communication hub, enabling seamless collaboration among teams. Discussions, updates, and project-related conversations occurred within the tool, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms. This improved transparency, reduced delays, and ensured that everyone involved in the project remained aligned and informed.

  • Financial management

    Although the company didn’t face any challenges in terms of managing its finances, the financial management tools in Birdview provided even more clear visibility into project costs and budgets. This empowered the team to make well-informed financial decisions, leading to more cost-effective project execution and resource allocation.

  • Task management

    The robust task management capabilities of Birdview allowed Arizona Liver Health to create intricate task hierarchies and multi-layered sub-steps. This feature enabled the team to break down complex projects into manageable components, ensuring clarity in task dependencies and timelines. By accommodating the company’s need for depth and granularity, Birdview enhanced the overall project planning and execution processes.

  • Project templates

    The introduction of customizable project templates within Birdview transformed the project initiation phase. Standardized templates for recurring project types enabled teams to kick-start projects efficiently. This consistency not only saved time but also reduced errors and promoted adherence to best practices. The template system significantly improved the entire project startup processes.

  • Integrations

    Birdview seamlessly integrates with essential platforms such as PowerBI, Outlook, and QuickBooks, thus eliminating data silos and facilitating real-time data synchronization. The ability to effortlessly share insights, reports, and financial data across departments improved decision-making and provided a holistic view of project progress.


The Birdview integrated suite of features played a pivotal role in realizing tangible results that directly impacted Arizona Liver Health’s efficiency, collaboration, and overall project outcomes. With Birdview’s streamlined workflows and automated processes, the team experienced notable time savings. Although all departments saw a difference in project management productivity, the Regulatory Department’s experience is the shining star. They witnessed a 50% reduction in planning and execution time for projects, allowing teams to allocate their efforts more strategically.

Birdview’s features also infused a culture of organizational excellence within projects. Automated reminders ensured that deadlines were consistently met, contributing to improved project timelines. Moreover, productivity reports provided valuable insights into team performance, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions to optimize operations further. The tool’s centralized communication hub fostered seamless collaboration across teams, overcoming the challenges of scattered communications. This consolidation minimized misunderstandings, improved information sharing, and bolstered cross-functional teamwork.

With the adoption of standardized project templates, the efficiency of project initiation and execution witnessed a dramatic upswing. The team observed a 50% decrease in project rework and defects as the tool eliminated duplicative work and streamlined project processes.

In quantitative terms, the adoption of Birdview has resulted in greater results. Employee stress levels have decreased by 15%, showcasing the positive impact of enhanced clarity and efficiency in project management. Moreover, the company leaders reported a 30% increase in productivity owing to Birdview’s capabilities, indicating a significant boost in leadership efficiency.

Birdview PSA has been a game changer for our organization.

Birdview PSA has been a game changer for our organization. What I love the most is its ability to promote collaboration across all departments, allowing us to showcase one of our core values: collaboration. It’s truly satisfying to see teams from different locations and roles working together seamlessly on the same project, enhancing our operational excellence.”

Chelsea Mihaylo Hum

Director of Administration and Project Management

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