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Improved Resource Management for a Web Development Company


Manual project tracking

  • Before Birdview PSA, Cronus Consultancy had been managing their projects manually using a combination of Outlook, Excel, and paper. This brought a fair amount of chaos to project management and was time-consuming.

Hard to keep track of several major projects simultaneously

  • The specifics of the development work is that the manager needs to constantly monitor the bugs and their fixes. With about 10 projects going on simultaneously, the biggest challenge was keeping track of work undertaken on bugs that are currently active, assignment of work, and allowing the client a look at what stage their project was at.


  • A Single source of truth

    With Birdview PSA, clients and performers are always aware of the current revisions and the stage of the project. The manager also has the ability to control the process of fixing bugs.

  • Time tracking

    One of the most important indicators in web development is the progress and status of a particular task. Now Cronus Consultancy management has the ability to monitor tasks in real-time.

  • Guest portal

    Cronus Consultancy clients receive special guest access to the Birdview PSA system to monitor the progress of improvements to the product. Since updates happen quite often, this feature is very much in demand.


The most important features of Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) for Cronus Consultancy are its ability to assign tasks to people and its ability to add project documentation. Cronus can now give their clients the ability to see progress against the issues or requests they log. This has saved the staff’s time, and it also has made the team more structured.

Internally, it has allowed the project managers to easily allocate and track resourcing across their own projects, while still keeping an active role in the project. It has helped immensely and has made them think of new enhancements that could be implemented. The final benefit for Cronus is that the Birdview PSA development and support staff has been excellent, very helpful, and are always willing to take on board new features.

11 out of 12 people in our company are using EP

After evaluating 3 other project management tools, we chose Birdview PSA. As the name implies it was very straightforward to implement, and we wanted to purchase a product that came with a source code option also. Right now 11 out of 12 people in our company are using EP.”

Delio Nobrega 

Business Consultant

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