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Greenpeace Digitize Project and Financial Management


Lack of coordination

  • The team at Greenpeace Mediterranean needed a detailed time plan and well-defined task management for better campaign coordination.

Manual tracking

  • All campaigns and initiatives were being tracked manually, using basic to-do and follow-up lists. This resulted in less optimal use of human resources, especially when running multiple campaigns at the same time


  • Project Tracking

    Birdview PSA was first deployed in a small-scale pilot project and it is now used to manage numerous phases of large-scale, multinational projects run by Greenpeace International.

  • Budgeting Capabilities

    At the time of the research, Birdview PSA stood out for its ability to accurately budget campaigns. Budgeting has become one of the main features used by the company.


Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) was chosen as the most complete project management application as it could deliver features other solutions could not adequately provide within the set budget. Upon deployment, Easy Projects was immediately perceived as a tool that allows for a very organized, effective, and focused way to manage projects.

Birdview PSA is also utilized as a platform to share information and extensive feedback while managing campaign tasks. Greenpeace set up two very critical projects to be managed through Easy Project. The shorter of the two was successfully completed on schedule and taught them a number of very important lessons concerning their campaign management and the everyday utilization of project management software. The organization is now completely managing all of its campaigning activities and projects through Birdview PSA. Their process administrator also worked closely with the team in the Greenpeace Jerusalem office, helping them adopt Birdview PSA.

The application offers many complex features

We closely examined three other applications before arriving at our decision to choose Birdview PSA. The application offers many complex features yet it is able to provide a very user-friendly interface and easy-to-follow workflow structure.


Neset Kutlug,
Process Administrator

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