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25% Increase in the Work Capacity of Nommon’s Engineering Team


In recent years, Nommon embarked on an ambitious international expansion, opening new offices in Europe and Latin America and doubling its personnel. During this period of rapid growth, the management team faced the challenges of maintaining company culture, informing decision-making with consistent data, and continually increasing performance and productivity.

Team’s resistance to adopting the new tool

  • Nommon’s primary challenge was managing the mindset change required to migrate the entire team from legacy methods to a new tool. This resistance to change was driven by a lack of confidence in using the tool, difficulties in migrating ongoing projects, and a sense of being monitored by superiors.

Lack of training and competence

  • The migration to the new tool highlighted a need for training, especially among junior team members, as some did not have the necessary competencies to perform activities as required.

Difficulties in the migration of ongoing projects to the new environment

  • The process of transferring ongoing projects from Nommon’s previous management tools posed a significant challenge. This was mainly due to discrepancies in data formatting, task progress tracking, and the complexity of reorganizing ongoing project workflows within the new system. 


Birdview PSA provided Nommon with a suite of solutions tailored to their unique needs. The software facilitated improved decision-making, streamlined processes, and enhanced team collaboration.

  • Customization

    Birdview PSA helped to ease the transition from old systems thanks to customization. Nommon used Birdview's custom fields, forms, and templates, created in collaboration with the company’s senior team members, to facilitate migration, particularly for new projects entering the pipeline.

  • Training and support

    Birdview provided comprehensive product training sessions for users, project managers, and executives, introducing the new tool and demonstrating a typical project lifecycle within the software. The structured support offered also empowered employees to navigate challenges effectively, leading to improved productivity and operational efficiency. Moreover, this training fostered a more collaborative work environment, facilitating better communication and teamwork across different company levels.

  • Adaptability

    Birdview PSA was implemented in a manner that prioritized minimal disruption over rapid adoption. Ongoing projects were completed outside the tool, and new projects were carefully monitored within the software environment. This approach allowed Nommon to detect errors or risks early on and make necessary improvements in the tool configuration.


Implementing Birdview PSA has been instrumental in managing Nommon’s rapid growth, helping the company navigate the challenges of expansion while maintaining its working culture and quality of work.

The main impact of adopting Birdview has been on the quality and accuracy of project plans. The time required for the elaboration of the project plan has decreased as well but mainly for recurrent projects, which are those that fit better with the pre-elaborated project templates. In these cases, the planning time has decreased by up to 15%.

Birdview automation and monitoring capabilities have been key to identifying inefficiencies and communication problems in the Delivery & Service processes and to implement the required improvements. For instance, rework due to unclear task scope, loosely defined user requirements or poor coordination between project and product teams has practically disappeared. This has contributed to the 25% increase in the work capacity of our engineering team. Birdview has supported this improvement through its workflow automation and monitoring capabilities, which enable the continuous improvement of the Delivery & Service processes. Also, the increased visibility of workload is key to articulating capacity balance strategies that deliver a more efficient use of resources, as well as to anticipate and react to resource capacity shortcomings. 

Nommon has also registered a 28% increase in the volume of proposals generated since adopting Birdview PSA. In addition to the improvements described above, Birdview is key for the monitoring and enforcement of our quality processes and procedures. 

Birdview’s training and real-time support facilitated a smooth transition to the new tool, reducing resistance to change and building employee confidence in using the software. The tool’s custom fields and templates, developed in collaboration with Nommon’s senior team members, have proved invaluable in managing new projects effectively.

Despite the rapid growth and increased project load, disruptions to business operations were minimized. The tool’s flexibility and adaptability were crucial in ensuring smooth project management and successful project delivery.

Nommon’s culture of continuous improvement was enhanced by Birdview’s functionality, and the company remains adaptable and responsive to future changes. Looking back, the lessons learned during the change management process, particularly the importance of involving intermediate managers and equipping junior professionals with project management skills, are invaluable and will inform future projects. The successful implementation of Birdview PSA marked a significant milestone in Nommon’s growth journey, empowering the team to keep pace with expansion and continually deliver high-quality work.

The new tool empowered our team to deliver high-quality work more efficiently

“Our company’s rapid growth presented several challenges. With Birdview PSA, we could not only keep up with our pace but also introduce improvements in our operational and strategic processes. The new tool empowered our team to deliver high-quality work more efficiently and systematically.”

Iris Galloso

Chief Organisation and Quality Officer

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