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RBC Achieves 130% Revenue Increase Since Adopting Birdview


Prior to adopting Birdview, RBC Medical Innovations encountered several significant challenges in their project management processes. These challenges encompassed disjointed systems, inefficient time tracking, budget and deadline management issues, and user interface frustrations. 

Lack of integrated time tracking and project management

  • RBC had separate systems for time tracking and project management, which resulted in a lack of integration. This fragmentation made it challenging to efficiently manage projects and track time accurately.

Budget and deadline overruns

  • The existing systems didn’t provide real-time insights into project budgets and timelines, leading to projects running over budget and beyond deadlines without early awareness or accurate data to proactively address issues.

Inefficient time entry and reporting

  • The time reporting system they were using was cumbersome and inefficient, leading to errors and frustration among team members. People were spending excessive time and effort just to log their working hours. The previous time reporting system had a poor user interface, making it difficult for team members to report their time effectively. This usability issue was a significant challenge for RBC. Additionally, the separation of project schedules and time reporting was a significant hurdle.


RBC Medical Innovations chose Birdview as their project management solution for its unique ability to address their pressing challenges. Birdview seamlessly integrated time tracking and project management, simplifying workflow and improving user experience. In essence, Birdview PSA's tailored solutions, enhanced user interface, and comprehensive support made it the ideal choice for RBC's project management needs.

  • Project Tracking

    Birdview offers comprehensive project tracking capabilities, including building schedules, team assignments, and tracking hours. RBC utilizes this feature to manage their projects from planning to final delivery. They create schedules, assign teams, and monitor project progress, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

  • Business Intelligence

    RBC generates various reports within Birdview to monitor project and time-related metrics. They use common reports provided by the system, such as person view and project view, to ensure compliance and track hours accurately. Additionally, they extract hours-based data to analyze key business metrics like utilization, helping them make informed decisions.

  • Time Tracking

    RBC faced challenges with its previous time reporting system, which was clunky and error-prone. Birdview provided a better user interface for their teams to report time efficiently and accurately. This feature allows them to track hours by project codes and personnel, ensuring they have precise data for project progress and invoicing.

  • My Assigments

    RBC uses Birdview's notification and assignment features to efficiently manage team assignments, ensuring the right people are in the right place and reducing unnecessary clutter or noise.

  • Resource Scheduling

    One of the primary reasons RBC switched to Birdview was its integration of a work breakdown structure and project schedule with time reporting. This integration ensures that project schedules and time reporting are closely aligned, streamlining project management and resource allocation. Additionally, the tool's Vacation calendar and integration with project schedules enhanced communication and planning within the teams.


After switching to Birdview, RBC Medical Innovations achieved significant improvements across various key performance indicators (KPIs), resulting in enhanced efficiency and productivity. Notably, they reported substantial time savings, with a 75% reduction in the time required for project initiation, equating to 1 hour saved per project for the thousands of projects they manage. Project planning also saw gains, an 8% reduction in time entry during project execution streamlined their workflow.

Furthermore, RBC realized an 8% increase in work capacity per project, allowing for greater project load management. The financial aspect improved with a 20% increase in on-budget project completion and a 25% boost in on-schedule project completion. Employee stress levels decreased by 50%, attributed to improved time entry and overall project management efficiency. Leaders reported a 25% increase in productivity thanks to Birdview’s features, such as centralized project management and real-time visibility.

Quality control also saw progress, with a 15% reduction in project rework or defects. Notably, RBC experienced a 130% revenue increase since adopting Birdview in 2018, a testament to its positive financial impact. 

Overall, RBC’s transition to Birdview brought about time savings, enhanced work capacity, improved project outcomes, reduced employee stress, increased leadership productivity, higher revenue generation, and additional collaborative tools for their teams. These achievements underscore the significant positive impact of Birdview on their operations and business performance.

Birdview has been a game-changer for us

Birdview has been a game-changer for us. It provides a better user interface for time reporting, streamlining our processes. We track hours per person for various project codes, allowing us to understand progress and invoice our customers efficiently. Even an hour saved per project initiation matters when you’re managing a large number of projects. Birdview’s impact on efficiency becomes clearer when viewed in the context of our extensive project portfolio. The transition to Birdview was intuitive and smooth for our team. While there was a slight learning curve for scheduling, the system’s intuitiveness made the shift relatively easy.”

Corbin Reagan

Director of Engineering

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