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Saving 50+ Hours per Staff Member per Year with Birdview


Low efficiency, and quality of the previous tool

  • SheerVision was using another project management tool with a poor functional design, making it difficult to enter timesheets and organize projects. The biggest downfall was the system would produce system errors quite often. The validation wasn’t great so that you could enter in invalid data, and the system would error out and not give the reason as to why.


  • Custom reports

    Working time is processed into convenient and efficient reports. These reports are later used by the SheerVision team to bill their clients.

  • Time tracking

    The quick and easy entry of hours worked saved the company time. For those who work directly with clients, like SheerVision, accurate timekeeping is essential.


After SheerVision evaluated about 15-20 project management products, they finally chose Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects). It had a reasonable price point, function design, and reporting, and the support seemed very responsive, which proved to be true before and after the purchase. Managers liked how it has handy features like “save and add similar” as it saves time for keying in project data. They use Birdview PSA mainly for timesheets and reporting on those timesheets. They also store project information and attachments at times. Compared to the old system, they save about 15 minutes per day, per person. That is over an hour a week, saving them about 40 – 50 hrs per person per year. 

Great product, support, and the fact that EP continues to improve.

“Birdview PSA helped us be much more efficient. Time is easy to enter, reports are much better for billing clients. What keeps us using Birdview PSA? Great product, support, and the fact that EP continues to improve.

Kenny Young 

The President

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