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Toromont Creates Reports 5 Times Faster


No central place to access the information

  • To manage projects Toromont was using a combination of an in-house developed time tracking application and Excel spreadsheets. Because of the different formats, it used to take days to consolidate all the data and produce project status reports.

Combination of applications

  • Switching between different tools to access and analyze required information took more time than the Toromont team wanted.


  • Project tracking

    Birdview PSA has a seamless project management structure that helps the Toromont team save a lot of time on task setting and tracking.

  • Customization

    The option of being able to obtain access to the source code for Birdview PSA allowed Toromont the possibility to add enhancements to suit their operation precisely.

  • A Single source of truth

    Now all the information is stored and managed in one place and can be accessed with a single click. The data can be shared between the employees, while the company’s internal clients can access Birdview PSA to log their requirements and review the progress of their projects.

  • Custom reports

    Toromont strongly relies on its billing and other business reports. The reporting process is now automated, providing the team with more time to focus on crucial tasks.


After researching and evaluating several project management systems, Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) was selected. The concepts of Easy Projects were very similar to what Toromont needed. So far, the Birdview PSA implementation has saved Toromont project management time and effort.

With all the information stored in one central database, reporting has become much more streamlined and accurate. Birdview PSA is currently being used to manage software development projects for five business units. There are 60 users active on the system with approximately 200 projects entered. Toromont continues to use Birdview PSA because they have found it easy to use, and they have had excellent post-sales support.

To date, implementing Birdview PSA has saved time.

There are 60 users active on the system with approximately 200 projects entered. To date, implementing Birdview PSA has saved time. For example, billing reports that used to take one to two days to compile can now be completed in a few hours. Also, the accuracy of development hours tracking has improved significantly.

Horacio Escalada, Project Manager

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