No Spam Policy

Promote your link without spamming

We have zero tolerance for SPAM. You can promote your link as you like: post your link on your website, blog, social networks, send it to your friends by e-mail or use other online content sharing services. But don’t SPAM. If we catch you promote your referral links through spamming (unsolicited emailing), your account will be closed and you will lose all commissions owed to you.

What we consider SPAM

Generally, spam is defined as unsolicited mass distribution of commercial messages to persons with whom you do not have a business relationship or have not requested (opted-in to) your mailing. We forbid all forms of spamming: e-mail spam, instant messaging spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs and forums, online classified ads spam and etc. And we hope that all members of our affiliate program will strictly adhere to our policy.

If you break anti-spam rules

We have a no tolerance spam policy. Your account will be immediately terminated if you send spam and you will be obligated to indemnify Birdview PSA against any liabilities, costs and expenses it incurs as a result of such spam.

The Reporting Of SPAM

If you’ve received unsolicited mail from one of our users, please notify us immediately at [email protected]. Every complaint is thoroughly investigated, and you will receive a response from our team about the actions we’re taking to deal with the problem.

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