Plans for Teams
of Any Types and Any Size

$ 27 user/month, billed annually
  • Project / Task Management Tools
  • Resource Management Tools
  • Time tracking tools
  • Budget and Cost Tracking
  • AI Message Assistant
  • AI Project Plan Assistant
  • Project Expenses
  • Report Generator
  • 5000+ Zapier Integrations
  • Microsoft Team Integration
  • Optional Add-ons
  • Standard Security
  • 100 Gb Storage
$ 41 user/month, billed annually

Everything in Lite, plus...

  • Cross-Project Dependencies
  • Critical Path
  • Daily Hours Override
  • Resource Loading Simulation
  • Advanced Hours Distribution
  • Activity-level Expenses
  • Project Billing
  • Flexible Rate Cards
  • Time Log Approval
  • Professional Services Reports
  • Advanced BI Analytics
  • 500+ Workato Connectors

Everything in Team, plus...

  • AI Resource Assistant
  • AI Project Completion Forecast
  • Payroll Report
  • Advanced Security
    • Enhanced Password Policies
    • SAML 2.0 (Single Sign-on)
    • Active Directory integration
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • User Audit Reports
    • Data Encryption at Rest
  • 1 Tb Storage


$ 27 user/month, billed annually
$ 41 user/month, billed annually
Additional License Types Birdview PSA Enterprise Plan offers 4 types of user licenses to support various needs and use cases of your organization
Task Dependencies Task dependencies help you automatically reschedule an entire project when a single start or end date of another task in this project is changed.
Calendars Calendar view allows users to create custom color-coded calendars based on a variety of criteria.
Interactive Gantt Chart Interactive Gantt chart allows to easily ‘drag-and-drop’ tasks on a timeline, create dependencies, view the project critical path and much more...
Kanban Board Kanban boards allow any user to personalize their view as a visual task board.
Milestones Milestones are key indicators of project progression.
Baseline Tracking Baseline measures project deviation from original plan.
Portfolio Management Efficiently handle multiple projects simultaneously by organizing them into portfolios.
Time Tracking Choose the most convenient time tracking method to get valuable insights into your time spent.
Project Archiving Ability to archive projects manually or automatically, and unarchive them any time you need.
Checklists Create, edit, and track checklist items within your activities and projects for streamlined organization and progress monitoring.
Cross-Project Dependencies Ability to setup dependencies between tasks in different projects.
Critical Path Critical path highlights the tasks/sequence required to complete project in the shortest time.
AI Message Assistant Improve your writing, create messages faster, ensure there are no mistakes, and make the most of your conversations inside your organization.
AI Project Plan Assistant Create a comprehensive work breakdown structure for projects, including parent tasks and sub-activities, with only the project name.
AI Resource Assistant The AI Resource Assistant identifies and presents the most suitable candidates based on their job role, skills, and availability.
AI Project Completion Forecast Accurately predict project timelines by analyzing dozens of project variables like team member skills, communication history, and past performance.
Resource Workload Ensure your team's workload is balanced. Gain complete visibility of each team member's workload to identify any individuals who are either overburdened or underutilized, and modify their assignments as necessary.
Resource Planning Quickly create and plan new projects, even if there is no detailed list of tasks. Find perfect candidates for the job and ensure that resources are allocated efficiently.
Employee Skills Organize a project team based on your specialists' skills and availability.
Vacations Calendar Vacations Calendar allows you to visualize and schedule vacations and other types of absence.
Manual Hours Distribution With this feature, managers can specify the amount of time a user needs to work on the task each day.
Automated Hours Distribution The required time for completing tasks will be automatically distributed equally among the assignee's working days.
Resource Loading Simulation “What-If” scenario tool allows you to forecast and optimize workload assignment and timeline impact of a proposed/new project based on the skills and availability of your team.
Advanced Hours Distribution Introduce intelligent hours distribution at the end or the beginning of a task, thus eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving the project manager’s time.
Custom Views Besides the pre-built Table, Gantt Chart, Kanban Board, and Calendar views, you can create and save customized views for your specific business goals. Save view settings, include filters and sorting, and easily share them with your team.
Custom Fields Create custom fields to store and track unique information about your projects, tasks, and portfolios. You can also filter data by custom fields.
Custom Workflows Create custom workflows for every stage of your project/service delivery cycle and align them with existing waterfall and agile methodologies.
Custom Forms Automate and standardize your project intake process. Create custom forms only with the information you need.
Project Templates Launch new projects instantly using pre-built templates with pre-defined structures and settings, including tasks, milestones, timelines, and assigned team members.
Formulas Perform basic math operations, validate data, and export results to CSV files with Formulas in Custom Fields.
Approvals Ensure a streamlined and transparent approval process. Request and receive approval at any stage of your project/service delivery process.
Image Annotation Use annotation to leave comments directly on images for your colleagues in the task.
Guest Portal Provide your clients with access to their projects’ progress and results and let them collaborate with your team. Add as many guest users as you want for free.
Notifications Define a custom set of rules for each user to make sure they get notifications immediately if their attention is required. Choose whether you want to get real-time desktop notifications or receive emails.
Tag People Choose which specific team members to notify when you send a message.
Budget and Cost Tracking Set up project budgets and track them against actual costs to avoid budget overruns.
Project Expenses Track and monitor both planned and actual expenses to gain valuable insights into your spending habits and make informed decisions to optimize your budget.
Payroll Report Presents information pertaining to the payroll list and time utilization. Also enables accounting teams to track and monitor employee hours to ensure payroll accuracy.
Activity-level Expenses Ability for employees to add expenses at the activity level. Note: an ability to track expenses at the project level is available in all editions of Birdview PSA.
Project Billing Flat fee or time and material billing (based on resources, tasks or custom rates).
Flexible Rate Cards Ability to create custom rate cards for every project.
Time Log Approvals & Lockdown An option to have time entries approved and/or locked down so they can't be edited or deleted, useful for creating billing for clients.
Report Generator Create your own table & chart reports from various data sources, including standard and custom fields. Ability to publish reports to the Dashboard.
Professional Services Reports Generate multiple reports and dashboards at every stage of your service delivery cycle to visualize, analyze, and interpret data across your resources, finances, and projects.
Advanced BI Analytics Utilize 250+ custom reports and dashboards powered by business intelligence to gain real-time visibility into your company's performance.
Dashboards Get access to critical project management information using pre-built dashboards or create custom ones to view only the data you need.
5000+ Integrations via Zapier Share project data, information and files between over 5000+ software platforms and tools - out of the box. Plus, leverage our field-proven API for your specific integration need.
500+ Integrations via Workato Ability to integrate with a variety of enterprise tools including Workday, Netsuite, ServiceNow, SAP, ADP, etc...
API / Webhooks Ensure seamless business operations and data consistency throughout all phases of your projects. Birdview’s API allows you to integrate and synch with thousands of platforms and applications you need, either with your own resources or using our team.
MS Outlook Desktop Add-on MS Outlook for Windows add-on enables you to sync projects/tasks/calendars with Birdview PSA without leaving your familiar Outlook interface.
Office 365 Outlook Add-on Easily convert emails to tasks, and manage your work and projects within Outlook for Office 365.
Optional add-on
Optional add-on
Optional add-on
Adobe Creative Cloud Attach images from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign straight into Birdview PSA projects and tasks, and request approvals.
Built-in Microsoft Teams A built-in integration with Microsoft Teams allows users to seamlessly collaborate and communicate with team members, share files and project updates, and schedule meetings, all within the same platform.
Jira Integration Seamlessly move your Jira projects and users into Birdview PSA using our new out-of-box Jira integration. With Birdview, you get a powerful resource, project and financial management solution for your Jira projects.
QuickBooks Integration Integrate QuickBooks with Birdview PSA to export tracked project time and streamline accounting.
Storage A space to store all of your online account attachments, including files, data, and project information.
100 Gb
100 Gb
1 TB
Data Encryption in Transit To ensure secure data transfer, Birdview PSA employs industry-standard encrypted TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 transport protocols for data in transit.
Encrypted Backups Continuous 30-day snapshot backups are automatically created for all hosted accounts. All backups are geo-redundant and encrypted. Access to backups is available to the customers with a Private Cloud option.
Enhanced Password Policies Protect your data from potential threats by leveraging multiple security tools and measures, including password strength and expiration policies.
SAML 2.0 (Single Sign-on) SAML SSO allows your Birdview PSA users to seamlessly authenticate using your existing SAML provider (hosted or on-premise).
Active Directory integration SAML SSO allows Birdview users to seamlessly authenticate using an existing SAML provider (hosted or on-premise), including Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
Two-Factor Authentication Users will need to go through 2 rounds of authentication to log in, thus ensuring better data protection.
User Audit Reports Get complete audit details of user record data and activities within the platform.
Data Encryption at Rest To ensure the security of data at rest, we provide real-time encryption using 256-bit AES for the database, associated backups, and transaction log files.

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  • 3-6 week implementation
  • Personalized training program
  • Complete data migration
  • Industry best practices applied
  • Business workflow design
  • Integration with your existing solutions
  • Custom instance setup
  • Personal product manager support
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Should you ever decide that you want to host Birdview on your own server, your hosted Birdview PSA database can be transferred to you upon request.

All Birdview PSA accounts are hosted at Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that runs out of a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Azure delivers a 99.95% compute SLA. Your Birdview PSA account will run on the same cloud that powers Skype, Office 365, Bing, and Xbox. Over 53% of Fortune 500 companies are using Azure. Read more about the security and data center

Every time a new version of Birdview PSA is released, your account is automatically updated free of charge.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express payments through our SSL-protected online store.

For our annual and multi-year subscriptions, we can provide you with an invoice and accept payment via a check or bank transfer.

All prices are in USD.

No, Birdview PSA allows you to create an unlimited number of Guest users, who are able to:

  • login via a dedicated Guest Portal
  • add new issues and requests
  • view their own issues and requests
  • view project progress and details
  • upload and download files to their project(s)
  • use Message Board

Yes, discounts are available based on contract term and license volume.

We also provide special pricing for registered charities 501(c)(3). Please contact us for details.

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These calculations are based on the average savings reported by Birdview PSA customers: 10 minutes per day for each team member and 5 minutes per day per project for each manager.

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