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MS Project Integration for Birdview PSA

Leverage two-way import/export of your projects between MS Project and Birdview PSA to save your team’s time for more important things - excellent service delivery.

MS Project Integration for Birdview PSA cover

Import MS Project Files to Birdview PSA

GeNo matter how complex your project setup is in MS Project, you can seamlessly import it into Birdview with just a few clicks.

MS Project vs Birdview PSA projects image

How to Import Projects

1 Save Your Projects

Save your existing MS Project data and easily access it in Birdview PSA. First, go to your MS Project account to save the project you want to export. Once your project is saved, you can proceed with the import process. Return to the Activity Centre view in Birdiew PSA..

MS Project save creen
MS Project import to Birdview PSA screen

2 Import Data

Once you’re in the Birdview PSA Activity Centre, simply navigate to the Import/Export bar and click “Import from MS Project”. You can now easily access and manage your project data.

3 Manage Project Data

A window will pop up asking you to upload the file. Once you’ve selected the file, move through the steps to match team members to their roles and click “Import”.

That’s it. All of your information will be mapped into Birdview.

Take a moment to ensure everything is as organized as it should be and then get back to work.

MS Project to Birdview PSA upload screen
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