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Birdview and
OneDrive integration

Simplify document management and foster collaboration across your entire team.

Centralize document management

Efficiently manage your files across the entire organization.

  • Centralize all important information for easy access
  • Share files at both project and activity levels
  • Enhance data security by restricting file access

Engage team collaboration

Enhance team collaboration and free up time for more critical tasks.

  • Accelerate feedback and approvals
  • Gain quick access to your document library, saving you time

How it works

Sharing documents

  • Easily attach numerous files as needed
  • Delete attached files when no longer necessary
  • Keep track of file management history

Managing permission

  • Share files exclusively with designated Birdview audiences within a project or activity
  • Determine who can access your files using OneDrive permissions
  • View, edit, and manage files based on your permissions
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