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Birdview PSA and QuickBooks Integration

Effortlessly export time logs from Birdview PSA to QuickBooks, saving time and reducing errors in your organization’s financial processes.

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Streamline Your Payroll and Invoicing Processes

Manage your team’s time logs across multiple projects within Birdview PSA and easily export accurate data to QuickBooks ready to be billed to your clients.

Seamless Time Tracking

Equip your team with a comprehensive yet easy-to-use time-tracking solution to seamlessly track both billable and non-billable hours within Birdview PSA.

  • Gain insights into resource allocation and project efficiency for informed decision-makings
  • Simplify the time-logging process by allowing each employee to choose the most convenient method: single entry, weekly submissions, or a built-in timer
  • Boost team productivity by promoting accountability in time management

Invoicing Process

Create a cohesive and transparent invoicing process with customizable billing rates.

  • Set internal hourly rates for individual users, job roles, projects, and customers
  • Eliminate complex manual billing and speed up your invoice processing
  • Achieve transparency across billable and non-billable hours

A Single Source of Truth

Centralize your resources, project data, and financial information within a single platform.

  • Achieve full visibility across your organization, facilitating better resource allocation
  • Streamline decision-making with access to real-time insights into project progress and financial health
  • Manage every stage of your project delivery cycle, from initiation to final completion, with ease

How It Works

Exporting Time Logs

Effortlessly transfer time logs from Birdview PSA to QuickBooks.

  • Access time log history within Birdview PSA and choose up to 100 time log entries for each export
  • Match the Birdview PSA users and customers with the ones in QuickBooks to ensure accurate billing
  • The status for exported time logs will automatically change to ‘Billed’

Validating Data Selected for Export

QuickBooks integration for Birdview PSA initiates additional steps to ensure the accuracy of the data selected and error-free export of time logs.

  • Billed time logs within Birdview PSA will not be exported to QuickBooks to avoid duplicated entries
  • The system will notify about time logs that don't have the associated billing rate
  • Before the export is complete, the system will generate a summary of selected time logs with detailed data across each project, team member, and the reporting period

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