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How to gain executive sponsorship for new project management

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Are you struggling to gain executive sponsorship for your new project management initiative? Look no further than this comprehensive ebook, which provides valuable guidance on influencing change and securing executive support. Written with practical insights and expert advice, this ebook equips you with the knowledge and strategies to navigate the complexities of gaining executive sponsorship for your project.

Don’t let the challenges of gaining executive sponsorship hold you back. With this ebook as your guide, you’ll learn the strategies and techniques to effectively influence change, build a compelling business case, and secure executive support for your project management initiative.

Download the ebook now and take the first step towards driving successful project management within your organization.

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In this ebook, you will find:

  • An introduction to the challenges of influencing change and gaining executive sponsorship.
  • Step-by-step guidance through the four stages of gaining executive sponsorship: problem introduction, business analysis, finding the right executive, risk mitigation, and delivering the perfect pitch.
  • Valuable tips on understanding stakeholder perspectives and identifying the benefits of the proposed project.
  • Techniques for conducting thorough business analysis, collecting data, and selecting the right project management solution.
  • Insights into finding the ideal executive sponsor, including the key attributes to consider.
  • Strategies for mitigating risks and effectively managing change during the implementation process.
  • Practical advice on delivering a compelling pitch, including language and communication techniques that resonate with executives.
  • Tips for creating impactful visuals, practicing your presentation, and executing your pitch with confidence.
  • A summary of the key steps to secure executive sponsorship and an executive sponsorship template to support your efforts.

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