Access Data and Work on Projects Everywhere You Want

Don't let anything important escape your attention. Download the Birdview PSA mobile app for iOS and Android, and untie yourself from your computer.

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Manage and Delegate On-The-Go

Birdview PSA software's mobile version has all the features you need to get out of the office anytime. This version is a full-fledged replacement for the desktop version.

You'll have access to these features after downloading the app:

  • Assignments
  • Time tracking
  • Comments
  • Task creation
  • Setting deadlines
  • Edit requests

Track Time in One Tap

It's not just office time that requires tracking. Work in the client's office, business trips, and meetings are just as much a part of the work processes.

Track your work hours whenever and wherever you need via the project management mobile app. Get full transparency of your entire team's workload and allocate accordingly.

Since the information is stored in the cloud, the entire system is seamless. The data will automatically synchronize with the desktop version and always stay up to date.

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Collaborate and Communicate

A full-featured mobile version of the project management solution allows you to work on your tasks and interact with colleagues on the go. With Birdview PSA, communication will be even more efficient.

It's all at your fingertips:

  • Stay informed on project updates
  • Comment and discuss tasks
  • Request information you need during off-site work

Approve Tasks Right on Your Phone

Just like the desktop version, the project management mobile app has task workflows. Here's what you can do with any task and document:

  • Approve
  • Reject
  • Request approval
mobile project management app - approval screen
Birdview PSA mobile project management app screen

Create Projects with Ease

So that you can not only keep track of current projects but also create new ones from anywhere, this feature is available on the Birdview PSA mobile project management software. It allows you to take advantage of all the opportunities and run your business as agile as possible without being tied to a location.

Get In-App Support

Need help on the go? You can reach the Birdview PSA support team directly from the iOS or Android mobile app in real-time.

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