Project Management for Business Operations Teams

Visualize and analyze your projects with Gantt charts, Kanban boards and executive dashboards. Track budgets, timelines and available resources.

Project Management for Business Operations Teams
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How can Birdview PSA
Make your Life Easier?

Operations are the heart of any well-oiled company, the “engine of the machine” if you will. From HR to DevOps to Financials and more, business operations teams can certainly vary from company to company. So why isn’t your operations team using the best possible tool for making the engine run smoothly?

It’s time to work more efficiently and productively to get successful operational projects completed ahead of time and within budget.

Your operations can perform better; you just need that missing link to exceed your goals.

Exceed the Needs of Every Department

A business operations team is the group in the office needed by every department, all day long, for various tasks and assignments at the same time. At any given time, Sally from Marketing, Bill from IT and Amy from Design all need your attention… NOW! So how can all three work requests, and the million others that need doing today, be requested, received, executed, sent back and saved as a template for future similar requests? Birdview PSA! And it can all be done with a few simple clicks. No sticky notes on your monitor, no emails that you never end up seeing and no knocks on your door when you’re clearly on a call.

Custom forms are a built-in feature that allows you to design work orders to be used internally or even externally by clients that are unbelievably easy to create and can be published into your intranet and transferred using a unique URL.

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Plan Project Expectations, Budget, Resources and Timelines

Optimize speed, quality, timing, resources, and expenses with a single click of a button. Collaborative projects fail most often because of poor planning and resource allocation. Time savers like our interactive Gantt Charts, Resource Loading Reports, Project Calendar, Time Management, and Budget Setting are just a few of the features that make Birdview PSA just as good for planning a project as it is for executing one.

The platform can tell you, at a glance, who is currently available to complete a specific task, and how adding a task dependency will affect the overall timeline of the project. Everything is able to be assessed and updated before or even during the project and everyone involved will be notified of updated statuses, timelines and dependencies.

Full Visibility and Metrics via Automated and Customizable Reports

Find out who is available to take on a new project. Who is overloaded? When can we start a new project? Who is on vacation next month? Birdview PSA has the answers.

Having answers to these questions will not only increase your profitability but will also help you reduce employee stress, thanks to better workload planning. Birdview PSA clients report a 20% decrease in employee stress.

“…We continue to use EP because we have found it easy to use and we have had excellent post sales support.”

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Grow Faster and Increase Profit Margins with Birdview PSA

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