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CyberMark Significantly Improves Customer Experience


Fragmented tools 

  • Prior to Birdview PSA, CyberMark used a custom-built system (PHP/MySQL), supplemented with spreadsheets and databases (Excel/Access/SQL). It was obviously fragmented, lacked the features they needed, and they had no time to build those features. 

Lack of proper time logging

  • Time tracking was one of the major challenges CyberMark needed a solution for. The company bills on an hourly rate, so the team needed a robust system that could handle over 400 projects and thousands of tasks.


  • Tailored workflows

    It was quite important for CyberMark to be able to pre-configure tasks and customize them. This is where the company is now able to save precious working time.

  • Custom reports

    CyberMark uses the Birdview PSA reports and APIs to work with clients. The company claims that this has helped increase customer happiness.

  • Time tracking

    Hours worked are no longer left not logged, so the status of a project and a specific task is easy to track. CyberMark’s clients can now see what projects have been completed, the status of current projects and what projects are in the queue.


After 2 years using Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects), it is now an integral part of CyberMark. They have found it to be highly customizable and versatile. The team recently implemented one of their processes directly into Birdview PSA, thus eliminating a process that they used to run through spreadsheets. They estimate that it will save 1-2 hours per project just in set-up time. 

The customizable nature of Birdview PSA is what really helped improve CyberMark’s workflow. If an internal process changes, they’re confident that Birdview PSA will be able to adapt. If something doesn’t work right out of the box, a few easy customizations can solve the issue.

nothing was comparing to Birdview PSA

“After the evaluations we had several lists of pros and cons for each application we tested. This is where it became very clear that nothing was comparing to Birdview PSA. Birdview PSA was head and shoulders above the rest, as it had all the features we needed and more. Our time tracking was greatly improved; as previously billable hours were easily missed. Our customers are much happier now, since we utilize the Birdview PSA API to build reports into our client web portal. ”

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