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Achieving a 15% Increase in On-Budget and On-Schedule Completion with Birdview PSA


The BoomData team faced several challenges in their quest for more refined project planning. The turning point that drove the need for change occurred during a significant project when the client had specific requests that the team wasn’t able to fulfill at the moment to secure the deal. Previously, the team was using Microsoft Project for project planning and Xero as their accounting and time-tracking system.

Lack of time-tracking approach 

  • BoomData wanted to record time at the task, sub-task, and even lower levels. This detailed planning approach would allow the team to monitor and manage the project at the task level as it progressed. This proactive method contrasted with their former process, where potential issues would only become apparent toward the end of the project.

Lack of visibility into the project

  • The team sought for any scope changes from the plan to be clearly tracked and visible. In some instances, BoomData even desired client access to the project management tool for real-time tracking of time and detailed time bookings. However, they found it challenging to achieve this level of detailed project planning and time booking granularity. 

A gap between the project planning and reporting systems

  • The disconnect between their project planning and time reporting systems was a significant issue. BoomData aimed for a system where if a task was not progressing as planned, they could identify the issue early in the project rather than toward the end when time could run out, causing communication challenges with their clients. 

Lack of a single source of truth  

  • BoomData realized they needed both time recording and project planning in one system for easy tracking and management. A secondary requirement was the need for granular data that could be connected to Power BI for detailed reporting. This level of flexibility was a crucial selling point for the client.


BoomData evaluated over 10 systems before choosing Birdview PSA as their go-to project management solution. As a growing business in a competitive marketplace, BoomData wanted to present a more organized, structured, and professional approach to managing projects. Their goal was to allocate and track time at a detailed task level and identify potential project issues early on rather than toward the end of the project. The team also aimed to improve their customer satisfaction, project delivery times, and budgeting and to analyze utilization, project profitability, project revenue, customer revenue, customer profitability, and consultant revenue and profitability. After Birdview PSA was fully implemented, BoomData was able to see significant improvements to its business processes.

  • Project tracking

    Before Birdview, time tracking and project management information were scattered across multiple systems, making it challenging to consolidate data. Now, the team can easily keep track of client work, consultant duties, and overall project status, making billing and progress tracking effortless. Birdview's ability to maintain detailed tasks and notes provides a comprehensive audit trail. This feature has been instrumental in ensuring effective client communication, record-keeping, and issue resolution. The team uses Activity Center to manage day-to-day tasks and projects. The tool also allows to create multiple-level tasks, a feature that, according to BoomData, many other systems lack.

  • Business Intelligence

    The integration between Birdview PSA and Power BI empowered BoomData to leverage its existing data analytics skills and generate custom reports. They can now access project information within Birdview PSA, extracting data for in-depth analysis and creating reports for internal and external stakeholders. This flexibility and self-service reporting capability enhance their overall project insights and decision-making.

  • A Single source of truth

    With BoomData’s consultants using one system to manage projects, record daily tasks, and track time, Birdview has instilled greater discipline and structure in their project approach. This real-time visibility allows the team to address any issues quickly and makes for more efficient project management. Birdview PSA unified all project-related activities, including project planning, time tracking, and reporting, into a single platform. This also eliminated the need for multiple systems and improved data accuracy and accessibility. Now, the entire team has real-time visibility into project progress, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.

  • Time tracking

    Birdview PSA's detailed task and time tracking capabilities provided BoomData with the granularity they desired. Consultants can record their time spent on each task, enabling accurate project tracking and resource management. This approach promotes accountability, efficiency, and more accurate project planning, ensuring tasks are completed within time and budget constraints.

  • Guest portal

    With Birdview’s guest portal, BoomData provides clients access to project information, fostering transparency and collaboration. Clients can track project progress, view task lists, and monitor time spent on each activity. This real-time visibility improves client satisfaction, helps to identify issues early, and facilitates proactive communication.


After a year of employing Birdview PSA, the team saw significant enhancements in project planning and execution. Birdview has become a staple tool for all project undertakings, with several clients adopting it for their operations

Birdview has allowed the team to establish detailed project plans, which foster confidence in their clients and offer them visibility into the progress of projects. It provides BoomData with a unified platform to manage all projects and record time, enabling the team to quickly assess how a project or task is tracking with respect to time and budget. This level of transparency has been crucial in building trust with the BoomData clients

Through Birdview, BoomData has achieved measurable improvements, including 10% time savings on project initiation and planning and 20% on project execution.

 It has also contributed to a 10-20% increase in the completion of projects on-budget and on-schedule. The flexibility around core project planning and time recording is what BoomData appreciates most about Birdview.

Birdview offers a comprehensive insight into project proceedings, enabling BoomData to tackle potential issues promptly rather than leaving them until the end of the project. BoomData uses Birdview in weekly client project reviews, and this visibility encourages early and more transparent communication with clients, which has resulted in increased trust.

Birdview PSA drives more efficiency, accountability, and more planning and structure

“With Birdview PSA, every consultant is using the same system, which adds more discipline to our approach to projects. It makes everyone more accountable for where they’re spending their time. Birdview PSA drives more efficiency, accountability, and more planning and structure when we’re doing projects”

Stuart Barnard

Executive Director

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