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Merge Birdview's project management capabilities with the robust suite of Microsoft 365 solutions. From real-time collaboration to efficient file management, our integrations are designed to streamline your workflow and simplify your processes.

Microsoft Teams

Integrate Birdview with MS Teams to streamline your project communications. Chat, share files, manage tasks and projects, and collaborate on assignments directly from Birdview’s unified workspace.

MS Teams chats into Birdview tasks screen
MS Outlook integration screen

Outlook for Desktop

Transform your emails into tasks and projects with ease. Track progress and deadlines update statuses, and share files without leaving your inbox.

Outlook for MS 365

Leverage the power of the cloud with Birdview and Outlook for MS 365 integration. Access your tasks, emails, and schedules from anywhere, ensuring you're always on top of your game.


Centralize your documents and tasks with the Sharepoint integration for Birdview.

Collaborate on important files with the entire team for a holistic view of your work.


Foster collaboration and simplify document management across your entire team. Store, share, and collaborate on documents directly from your projects, ensuring everyone has the latest version.

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