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ServiceNow integration for Birdview

Turn Birdview projects and activities into ServiceNow change requests and change tasks with ease.

Connect your PM and IT service teams

Reduce manual work for IT and support teams working in ServiceNow. Automate change request and change task creation in ServiceNow by sending data directly from Birdview

Streamline your workflows

Automate the transfer of project data and status updates to:

  • Minimize manual data entry
  • Reduce associated errors
  • Save your team's time and effort
  • Ensure teams can focus on what truly matters

Boost team collaboration

Align your project management and IT service platforms seamlessly to:

  • Foster unparalleled collaboration between your teams
  • Facilitate better communication on tasks and golas
  • Get instant updates on project ans task statuses

How it works

Automate project and task creation
Transform your Birdview projects and activities into ServiceNow change requests and tasks with just a few clicks.
  • Complete projects and activities with necessary details to share maximum data with ServiceNow users
  • Match Birdview and ServiceNow users to ensure accurate resource assignment.
  • Whenever a change task in ServiceNow reaches completion, Birdview automatically closes the corresponding activity.

See ServiceNow integration for Birdview in action

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