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When Spreadsheets Hit the Fan | Episode 15 | 35:35 | May 18, 2023

Getting Out of the Output Trap: A 4-Step Action Plan to Outcome-Based Thinking

Hector Giner
Hector Giner
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In this episode, John will speak with Hector Giner, the CEO at Z1, an award-winning digital project studio. Hector leads a team of almost 100 digital crafters who have helped over 150 startup founders and experienced companies worldwide to launch their businesses into the market.  

With a background in engineering, product management, and visual design, Hector will discuss the dangers of focusing on outputs instead of outcomes. He’ll share examples of how organizations often jump to solutions before understanding the right problems to solve and the negative impact this can have on time, resources, and brand reputation.

John and Hector will talk about:

  • The common mistake of focusing on outputs rather than outcomes in all levels and areas of a company, including marketing, product, and internal workflows
  • The challenges of critical thinking and innovative problem-solving in larger organizations with standardized processes and positions
  • A four-step action plan to avoid the output trap and focus on outcomes, which can be applied to any area, such as workflows in the company or marketing strategy
  • What can go wrong if someone’s trying to be outcome-based on personal and organizational levels and how to avoid it
  • Hector’s personal experience creating a strategic initiative based on the similarities he sees in different practices

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