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When Spreadsheets Hit the Fan | Episode 14 | 22:13 | April 12, 2023

Dangers of Adopting Software without a Proper Implementation Strategy

Ashleigh Clark
Ashleigh Clark
Chief Optimization Officer
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In the upcoming episode, John will speak with Ashleigh Clark, Chief Optimization Officer at Process Alchemist, an online training company focused on teaching you to create a flexible, adaptable program management strategy for your organization that’s going to help you optimize processes without creating unnecessary overhead. Ashleigh has spent almost 2 decades in program and project management roles across various industries, focusing heavily on data and analytics.  

Ashleigh will talk about the dangers of implementing software without a proper implementation strategy and what organizations should do to make sure they receive maximum value from the new tool.  

John and Ashleigh will talk about:

  • Why organizations keep making the same mistakes during the implementation process and what they should do instead
  • Key steps of a proper implementation process built around the new tool
  • Why invest in training the users on the right way to use the tool
  • Why organizations need to identify KPIs before implementing new software and check back on them constantly

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