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When Spreadsheets Hit the Fan | Episode 11 | 30:14 | December 15, 2022

The Danger of Trying to Do Everything In-House: Why Businesses Need Experts

Stefanie Curtis
Stefanie Curtis
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In today’s episode, John will talk to Stefanie Curtis, the CEO of Pace Creative, an award-winning women-led marketing agency that builds marketing growth strategies based on data and research for predictable growth for major global companies.

John and Stefanie will discuss:

  • The dangers of always trying to do everything in-house without the use of a qualified expert to guide you
  • What mistakes executives make when searching for experts to solve their business problems
  • Why executives make these mistakes again and again
  • How to understand when you should stop trying to do everything in-house and should hire experts
  • What steps you should take to know what experts your business needs

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