5 tips workplace communication effectiveness can increase productivity

Have you ever wondered why almost all job listings in any field require good communication skills? Effective communication is crucial, as without it companies will not be able to succeed and may even cease to function.

Many marketers have experienced the bad consequences of poor communication in the workplace. When information is not transferred in the right way and at the right time, workplace productivity can go down. Even more, tasks may be incomplete and, as a result, goals will not be met. However, the opposite is also true: Effective communication in the workplace can have a positive effect on the performance of employees by increasing employee morale, retention rate and the overall productivity of the working environment. Here we present five tips that workplace communication effectiveness can increase the overall productivity of your company.

1. Less misunderstanding

When the information is not transferred correctly to the right people, there might be some miscommunication and misunderstanding which can be a reason for the downfall of companies. When there is a lack of effective communication in the workplace, confusion is always present.

Some employees believe managers said one thing, while others think they said something completely different. In this case, how can everyone work towards the same goal and increase productivity?

Miscommunication can also lead to corporate unsafety; for example, people can easily fall into email fraud while emailing. (Here, training employees to set up DMARC records properly becomes important.)

It’s important to have a good communication system so that everyone understands what the goals are and can work towards them together. For example, if you create a new Facebook promotion strategy for your company, you should clearly communicate new tasks and goals with your employees.

If they don’t have a clear understanding of what they should exactly do, such as posting, liking, sharing, and so on, then your strategy will probably end up in a mess.

Real-life example:

Erica Jeung, client services manager at Petroleum Field Services on confusion and communication:

“! Not using project management software before resulted in the confusion of our employees and was to blame for our projects being late, not to mention the countless communication errors between employees. I have seen a tremendous difference in our efficiency as a team since we started using Easy Projects.”

2. Empowerment and Transparency

Another way that communication can improve productivity is with the help of empowerment. If your employees have more information, they will feel more empowered to complete their tasks with confidence and direction. Those employees who have more information about specific tasks and know how to complete them are more motivated to get it done effectively. In addition, according to the case study of HEC. prof. Charles-Henri. Besseyre des Horts, it is proven that those companies that are transparent and employees have more empowerment, are usually more productive.

3. Healthy culture

Healthy and productive cultures within organizations are based on effective communication. If employees and managers in the company have good working relationships with each other, the culture of the company improves and becomes a healthy one. For example, how do you imagine a perfect working atmosphere? Of course, in such companies, there exists respect, empowerment, thankfulness, and so on. These are the main things that create the culture within a company. If the communication is bad, for example, if managers are not able to speak with their workers in a respectful way, if workers are afraid of asking questions, and so on, then the culture of such companies is a weak one. This is proof of the fact that communication forms the culture of the company. As a result, in those companies where there is a healthy culture, people feel respected and understood, which in turn increases morale and enhanced productivity.

4. Increased accountability

When good communication skills are present in a company, workers tend to keep one another accountable. Just because effective communication in the workplace provides clear instructions, workers know exactly what is expected from each of them. This helps improve accountability, which in turn increases productivity. If there is no accountability in the workplace, there will be no incentive to get improved.

Real-life example:

Matt Mclntyre, owner of Marketing Mediators LLC, a local marketing strategy agency in Indianapolis, the US on accountability and productivity:

“My company conducts on-demand, industry-leading marketing for small businesses, As you can imagine that means a lot of projects at once that need to be kept track of. EPN allows us to do that while keeping all staff accountable for their time. They say creative people aren’t always the most timely and project management software fixes that instantly!”

Clear direction

With the help of good communication among managers and employees, it becomes clear where the company is, where it needs to be in the future, and which steps need to be taken to get there. All this information provides clear directions for all employees, which increases productivity and decreases uncertainty. Giving exact direction to employees makes their work less stressful, faster, more efficient and more enjoyable.

Now you see how effective communication can help your company increase productivity, but you might think that establishing good communication inside the company can be costly and difficult. However, there are a few non-costly ways. Here are some methods to easily improve internal communication in your company and to stay engaged with your team:

  • Newsletters: One of the ways to improve communication is to make your employees read the company newsletter once a week. This document should list all of the achievements during the week/month and show how much the company values the dedication and motivation of its workers. For example, if your Twitter campaign was successful because of so many of your employees, then you should mention this in your newsletter to make him/her and other employees more motivated.
  • Intranet: There are many companies that don’t use this channel and really miss a great chance to stay connected with their employees. A company intranet may create two-sided communication between managers and employees. Make sure to share some questions, interesting tips, planned marketing campaigns, videos, designs, and other important and useful information to improve employee engagement.
  • Face-to-face: The methods mentioned above are, of course, effective, but nothing is more effective than face-to-face interactions. Instead of directly entering your room in the mornings, make sure to chat with your employees, discuss their problems, and give them advice, feedback, and clear instructions.

So, next time you prepare for a meeting with your team, make sure you do everything to enhance clear and effective communication with them. When everyone understands what you’re trying to say clearly, you will see that your work processes become much smoother and your company becomes more productive.


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