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Easy Projects, Version 12, Overview

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Want to have your team function like a well-oiled machine; a fast-moving assembly line where organization, resource planning, and project visibility happen organically and workflow is smooth and systematic? Of course you do! And now, you Kan... ban! Good thing I took up Project Management and not a comedy. Seriously though, the collaborative, agile work process you’ve been waiting for is finally here.

Easy Projects has recently released Version 12 and it is our most user-friendly, intuitive, and flexible version yet. It’s major feature is a visual task manager called a Kanban board which allows anyone on your team to easily view any project in a graphic way which outlines every task needed to be completed in the project. It also shows who is assigned to each task and what stage of production it is currently in... but there’s more. Version 12 also features:

  • Enhanced custom fields within the project/activity details. This benefits users who have a lot of custom fields set up, because  the new design takes up less space so you will be able to see more info on one screen.

  • Updated time tracking feature for Android App. This means that, like in our iOS App, Android users can now complete tasks on the go, and time spent can be entered, edited, deleted, and tracked no matter where you are.

  • New SSO authentication options under Administration Settings

  • Enhanced integration options through Zapier – Easy Projects can connect and share with over 700 other leading platforms

Excited about all of these updates but still have no idea what a Kanban Board is or how it can benefit your team? Picture a level of flexibility that your team has never experienced before. Project management on your own terms is now 100% attainable.

Choose your view with Kanban or Gantt Chart

Is there a visual person on your team who seems to resist or not work well with the traditional Waterfall or Gantt Chart Project Management Approach? Does someone you collaborate with also talk about Agile or Lean Project Management and wish they could complete tasks using that methodology? Do you have a small team in your company or within your department that is its own entity and completes tasks on an as-need basis as opposed to based on timeline or deadline? Now you can satisfy them all without making a single change to your Waterfall process. With just one click project contributors can view any project as a Kanban board, seeing tasks based on status or stage of production. Every single member of your team can view the same project in whichever way they want and collaborate with one another seamlessly. I know, it almost sounds too good to be true.


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