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Episode 9: Designing a Better Hiring Process: Mistakes to Avoid and Steps to Take

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The latest episode of the When Spreadsheets Hit the Fan podcast is out today! Ever wondered what a great hiring process should look like to benefit your business and the candidates you are interviewing? This episode will provide answers to the most common questions and concerns.    

This time, John talked to Ryan Schram, the President & Board Director at IZEA, about the importance of the hiring process in the modern era of remote and hybrid work and the biggest hiring mistakes every organization should avoid.  

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to avoid major hiring mistakes when selecting job candidates to interview
  • The importance of understanding which soft skills are relevant to your business when hiring a new employee
  • The negative impact on the organization in terms of revenue and resources when not hiring for soft skills
  • What a good hiring process should look like in the era of remote and hybrid work

Want to know how to design a great hiring process to acquire the best talents in the market?

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