How to Track Project Progress Effectively

  1. Establish Clear Goals and Objectives: Define clear and measurable goals and objectives for the project. Having a well-defined project scope and desired outcomes provides a basis for tracking progress.
  2. Create a Project Plan: Develop a detailed project plan that outlines tasks, timelines, milestones, and dependencies. Use project management tools to organize and visualize the plan.
  3. Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Identify key performance indicators that align with project goals. These could include metrics such as task completion rates, budget adherence, and quality of deliverables.
  4. Implement Project Management Software: Utilize project management software to facilitate tracking. These tools often offer features for task assignment, progress monitoring, and real-time reporting.
  5. Regularly Update the Project Schedule: Regularly update the project schedule to reflect actual progress. Adjust timelines, tasks, or dependencies based on changes in the project environment.
  6. Hold Regular Progress Meetings: Conduct regular progress meetings with the project team to discuss achievements, challenges, and upcoming tasks. This ensures everyone is on the same page and aware of the project status.
  7. Utilize Visual Tools: Visual tools such as Gantt charts or Kanban boards provide a visual representation of project progress. These tools make it easier to identify bottlenecks and areas of concern.
  8. Monitor Critical Path: Keep a close eye on the critical path–the sequence of tasks that must be completed on time for the project to stay on schedule. Delays in critical tasks can impact the overall project timeline.
  9. Track Resource Utilization: Monitor resource allocation and utilization. Ensure that team members have the necessary resources to complete their tasks on time.
  10. Use Milestones to Measure Progress: Break the project into milestones and use them as checkpoints for measuring progress. Celebrate achievements at each milestone and address any issues promptly.
  11. Implement Project Health Assessments: Periodically assess the overall health of the project. Evaluate factors such as risk management, stakeholder satisfaction, and team collaboration.
  12. Document and Analyze Variances: Document any variances between planned and actual progress. Analyze the causes of these variances and implement corrective actions.
  13. Communicate Transparently: Maintain transparent communication with stakeholders. Keep them informed about project progress, challenges, and mitigation strategies.
  14. Implement Continuous Improvement: Learn from each project by identifying lessons learned with Project Portfolio. Implement continuous improvement measures based on feedback and experiences.

By following these steps, project managers can establish a robust system for tracking project progress effectively, enabling them to address issues promptly and ensure successful project delivery.

How to Track Late Projects and Tasks

Tracking late projects and tasks is a crucial aspect of project management to ensure that timelines are adhered to and deadlines are met. Here’s a guide on how to effectively track late projects and tasks:

By implementing these strategies, project managers can effectively track late projects and tasks, take corrective actions, and ensure that projects stay on track for successful completion

Being able to quickly identify late projects and activities (such as tasks, requests, and issues) is crucial for both project managers and team members alike.

Here is an overview of different options within Birdview PSA for you and your team to be on top of things.

My Assignments page

Each user can easily identify their late activities, as the activity name is highlighted by both the red text and red shading.

personal task lists image

Activity Center (Table View, Gantt Chart View,  Kanban Board)

Late activities can be identified by:

  • Timeliness indicator
  • Health / EVA indicator.
  • Timeliness indicator

Timeliness is directly linked to the individual project and activity end dates. Birdview PSA administrators can customize the day thresholds and the colors.

Based on these settings, the project or activity end date will be highlighted with the chosen color.Project tracking tool - table view

Health / Earned Value Analysis (EVA) indicator

There are 3 colors: Green Healthy, Yellow At Risk, and Red In Trouble.
Your Easy Projects administrators can customize the 2 built-in EVA formula thresholds to trigger At-risk and In-trouble indicators/alerts to activate sooner or later.

The EVA formula takes into account three key parameters: current progress, usage of allocated hours, and usage of allocated time frame.
The final result is represented by a colored thermometer icon.

Project Dashboard

The Delayed Activities info widget lists any and all activities that are late.
The Health info widget identifies projects with both At Risk and In Trouble activities.
Late activities in other widgets will also be in red text.

project management dashboard example

Real-Time Notification

Each user can choose to be notified by email when their activities are due or late. This is done using the Send me notifications about activities due in X day(s) option, from the Settings/My Options page.

notifications for project managers and teams

Need a more direct way to bring a late activity to the right person’s attention? Simply post your message to the appropriate activity message board and they will see it the next time they log in! (The activity message board is accessible via the dashboard, contextual menus, icons, and other page views)

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