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How To Track Late Projects And Tasks

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Being able to quickly identify late projects and activities (such as tasks, requests and issues) is crucial for both project managers and team members alike.

Here is an overview of different options within Easy Projects for you and your team to be on top of things.

My Assignments page

Each user can easily identify their late activities, as the activity name is highlighted by both the red text and red shading.
Late tasks on the My Assignments page

Activity Center

Late activities can be identified by:

  • Timeliness indicator
  • Health / EVA indicator.

Timeliness indicator

Timeliness is directly linked to the individual project and activity end dates. Easy Projects administrators can customize the day thresholds and the colors.
timeliness setup
Based on these settings, project or activity end-date will be highlighted with the chosen color.
End date highlight

Health / Earned Value Analysis (EVA) indicator

There are 3 colors: Green Healthy, Yellow At risk, and Red In trouble.
Your Easy Projects administrators can customize the 2 built-in EVA formula thresholds to trigger At risk and In trouble indicators/alerts to activate sooner or later.
Earned value analysis settings
The EVA formula is taking into account three key parameters: current progress, usage of allocated hours and usage of allocated time frame.
The final result is represented by a colored thermometer icon.
Project Health / EVA


The Delayed Activities info widget lists any and all activities which are late.
The Health info widget identifies projects with both At risk and In trouble activities.
Late activities in other widgets will also be in red text.
Project Dashboard

Email Notifications

Each user can choose to be notified by email when their activities are due or late. This is done using the Send me notifications about activities due in X day(s) option, from the Settings/My Options page.
Email notifications

Need a more direct way to bring a late activity to the right person’s attention? Simply post your message to the appropriate activity message board and they will see it the next time they login! (Activity message board is accessible via the dashboard, contextual menus, icons, and other page views)

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