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Logic Software Inc. Announces the Launch of Birdview PSA

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Logic  Software Inc.  announces the launch of  Birdview PSA  – an easy to use professional services automation platform, purpose-built for service organizations in need of a rapidly deployable, cost-effective solution. Birdview PSA enables increased productivity and profitability by providing organizations with visibility and a single source of truth for projects, finances and resources across the entire service delivery lifecycle.

End-to-end functionality

Birdview PSA offers service organizations with a robust set of tools for managing each stage of the service delivery lifecycle:

  1. Business Development
  2. Project Planning
  3. Execution & Delivery
  4. Monitoring & Control
  5. Project Accounting
  6. Optimization

“In my opinion, the service delivery industry for many years has been plagued with overly complex and unjustly expensive software tools”, says Vadim Katcherovski, the CEO of Logic Software Inc. “I’m very excited that we can finally offer our professional services clients with a platform that they deserve – an intuitive, fully featured PSA suite that doesn’t break the bank and keeps growing and scaling with the organization.”

Birdview leverages a combination of automations and integrations to streamline business processes, data continuity and crucial handoffs between business units within the organization. By harnessing a combination of historical data, real-time insights and predictive forecasts, teams can spot inefficiencies, correct potential bottlenecks and optimize for growth and profitability.

About Logic Software Inc.

Logic Software Inc. has been recognized as one of  Canada’s  fastest growing companies for three straight years – with notable success coming from their award winning project management tool, Easy Projects – released in 2005. Logic Software continues to focus on developing products and features that offer robust capabilities while retaining a high degree of useability, flexibility and value.

SOURCE Logic Software Inc.

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